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Israel celebrates victory in Eurovision as a gift for the 70 anniversary of its birth

Thousands of people took to the streets after the triumph of Netta with the song ' Toy '

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Israel celebrates victory in Eurovision as a gift for the 70 anniversary of its birth

"Good Toy morning." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not resist to take advantage of atmosphere of euphoria that reigns this Sunday in Israel after victory of singer Netta Barzilai in Eurovision. His first words in Sunday Council of Ministers — at beginning of working week in Jewish state — were precisely for success of toy song thanks to vote of European public. Thousands of Israelis had been thrown into streets at dawn — particularly in liberal city of Tel Aviv — to celebrate as a gift of fate fourth triumph of his country in international contest, which arrives on 70 anniversary of creation of state of Israel. He beat local audience records. The public channel KAN crowned its emissions with an average of 1,050,000 of Televiewers (35% of share), with a peak of 1,450,000 during performance of Israeli representative.

"Jerusalem is being blessed with many gifts. Last night we received anor one with exciting victory of Netta: Eurovision will come to Jerusalem next year. We will be very proud to host (...) Anor important event with a wide international audience, "boasted head of government, nine days after Giro d'italia will start its edition of this year precisely in holy city.

Netanyahu also spoke minutes before y landed in Israel Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. The daughter of President of United States and her husband, adviser of Donald Trump for Middle East, will be attending Monday to a "real historical event", in definition of Prime Minister: transfer of American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, where So far all diplomatic legations were found in accordance with a global consensus for peace between Israelis and Palestinians that was broken in December by White House.

Eurovision has been generous with birthdays of Hebrew state. His first success was achieved at 30, with catchy a BA ni bi played by Yizhar Cohen, in 1978 edition held in Paris. He revalidated it following year at home with triumph of melodic hallelujah! In voice of singer Gali Atari, accompanied by group (also of biblical resonances) milk and honey. The Spaniard Betty Missiego was n in second place.

After euphoria of 1967 war, in which Israel defeated Arab countries in less than a week, economic crisis of Yom Kippur Conflict (1973) happened. The Hebrew press recalls that when public television officials added invoices of organization of an eventual second consecutive contest in 1980, y decided to transfer ir organization to a third country (Holland). Israel has just sealed peace with Egypt.

Twenty years after a BA ni bi, in maturity of Jewish state, song Diva won in Eurovision. Interpreted by Israeli transsexual Dana International, it broke a spear in favour of diversity and opened roads of moral freedom in European contest, which has been censured now in China. The success of 1998 in Birmingham (UK), on 50 birthday, was a accolade of Europe's audience to peace process culminating in Oslo accords, which led to creation of Palestinian Authority, and peace treaty with Jordan.

They have had to spend anor two decades until victory of Netta. Under a sampling, he has launched (or vaunted) a feminist message aimed at young people who love electronic music: "Stupid boy, I'm not your toy." Bookmakers — once posted tens of millions of reproductions on YouTube — played safe.

The message of an innovative, liberal and hedonistic Israel transmitted by young singer — one who breas daily on Mediterranean coast where majority of population is concentrated — seems to have more draught in Eurofans and in popular vote Eurovisivo than Prolonged stagnation of peace process starring Netanyahu's cabinet or images of Palestinian protesters gunned down by gunfire by army snipers on Gaza border.

Israelis celebrate victory in Eurovision at Tel Aviv's Rabin square. Reuters

Neir day of Jerusalem – which is celebrated this Sunday amid exceptional security measures – nor transfer of U.S. Embassy to holy City have found place on front page of Yedioth Ahronoth, most widely-spread newspaper in Hebrew language. With Netta and Toy at full level, Israeli media have come to see also victory of public relations strategy of most conservative government in history of Israel on campaign of International Movement Propalestinian boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against participation of singer on scene of Lisbon.

As a majority of Israeli women, Barzilai served nearly two years of compulsory military service. "I love my country. Next year in Jerusalem, "were his words of gratitude to Europe, evoking Paschal invocation that Jewish diaspora has repeated for two millennia. At 70, state of Israel remains a pioneer country seeking its roots in 3,000 years of history of Judaism. Almost everything surfs wave of nationalism in everyday life.

The images of thousands of Israelis elated in gardens and pond of square of Isaac Rabin — where in 1995 was assassinated by an extremist prime minister of same name for promoting peace with Palestinians — were not very different from those of a nation that just D And win soccer World Cup. But young people splashing in front of Tel Aviv's Town hall, lit by word Toy, celebrated above all European popular recognition of a country that strives to take a place on map.

emerged as a painting by Colombian painter Fernando Botero, Jewish humor impregnated performance of Netta, which has been chosen by acclamation Queen of Gay Pride parade that will travel next month streets of Tel Aviv. In this universe conducive to joke, a digital misunderstanding attributable only machines ended up pulling ironic smiles and perplexing reactions on social networks this morning.

The Prime Minister's Hebrew greeting message — "Netta, Kapara Alayij" — sowed controversy thanks to goblins of Twitter's automatic translation. Columnists and linguists have not yet agreed on meaning of "Kapara" (Atonement, in its main meaning), but which used in colloquial slang leads to an untranslatable concept of affection or blessing. Even in nation start up, focus of technological innovation that aspires to embody Israel, artificial intelligence still babbles. He only recognized Hebrew letters that make up a bovine insult. So, for illiterate in millennial language of Bible, Netanyahu tweeted: "Netta, you are a cow."


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