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It is already possible to get into ' Game of Thrones '

The spectacular exhibition on the series, inaugurated in Barcelona, invites you to immerse yourself in the scenarios and the atmosphere of the saga

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It is already possible to get into ' Game of Thrones '

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and do not think to go to see Great Exhibition dedicated to series that is inaugurated now in Barcelona and n turn around world: could die of happiness, of syndrome of Stendhal in version Seven Kingdoms. Winter has come, and it's fantastic.

Game of Thrones: The touring exhibition, which occupies over a thousand square meters under Gothic vaults of Drassanes (Maritime Museum) and can be visited until 7th of January of 2018, is a real delight. It advances one between flags, shields, swords, scenarios, suits, armors, crowns and hundreds of original objects that it has seen on screen (even dragon eggs and a large skull of those beasts), enjoying beautiful, immersed in an evocative atmosphere that It includes music, projections, interactive proposals, sound effects and even smells (and some fright!). In course, composed of ten spaces, you can almost get into wedding of Joffrey Baraon (not advisable), enter mysterious room of faces of House of Black and white (and put yours in ir columns), climb and cross wall (if you dare and not ere) (s chilly), or visit Red fortress and, if you dare, sit in ominous and after (and awkward) Iron Throne, built – as we all know – with swords of enemies of Aegon Conqueror and forged in fire of Dragons. On way out, you have option of remembering a mug with Stark wolf inside, a Targaryen sweatshirt, a T-shirt with Tyrion's phrase Lannister "I drink and I know things" or a scarf with iconic motto "The Winter Is Coming".

It is not difficult to predict a spectacular success to this exhibition-already sold 20,000 tickets anticipated-, made in detail, which will delight many fans of Archipopular and multiprized series of HBO and readers of Original novels of George R.R. Martin on which it is based. Each step is a surprise, each space a wonderful reunion, each object a trigger of emotions.

If something is missing in exhibition, for all audiences, it is blood, violence and sex, so present in series. Obviously it has attempted not to offend sensitivities and visitor will not meet with kermesse hemoglobin of Red Wedding orchestrated by Lord Walder Frey in twins or scene where mountain frighteningly blows head to Oberyn Martell alias Red Viper (its mourning clos and its lance are in sample). As for sex, it will look for one unsuccessfully brol of Chataya. You have to be content with vaporous dresses of Ellaia Sand, Danaerys and Missandei, among ors, and leave rest to imagination. In fact even scene of birth of Dragons-on screens-hides nakedness of Khaleesi.

Photo Gallery: This is exhibition of Game of Thrones in Barcelona.

"We wanted to share with fans this Game of Thrones full of incredible details that proposes a complete immersion experience," explains Eddie Newquist, creative director of GES events, American company that creates exhibition, While on his back stands terrifying armor of Sandor Clegane dog. The choice of Barcelona to premiere here exhibition, says Newquist, "is a recognition to many and good Spanish fans of series." "It adds that while for fans will be unforgettable – y will feel in skies"-, exhibition also like public not so familiar with series. "There's something for everyone." Asked if situation in Catalonia, with its own Game of Thrones, does not worry organizers, replies that exhibition is a microcosm with a time and some events beyond real.

25 Swords

Up to 25 swords I have counted in sample (apart from daggers and daggers). All famous. There it is, gleaming of Valyrian steel and with its fist in shape of Wolf Head, claw, ancestral sword of Monrmont which is weapon of Jon snow and with which so well dispatches, if stubborn, white Walkers; And fine but lethal needle that handles Arya Stark, and brutal Arakh ( typical sickle-shaped sword or Dothraki scimitar) of Khal drug, and by beards of Brandon builder!, isn't that ice, tremendous ancestral sword of Stark? The huge leaf is erected like a wintry Excalibur, asking someone to moose if he dares, oblivious to fact that after being used to decapitate his own owner, Ned Stark, was fused by order of Tywin Lannister and converted – Such was his size-in two new espad Long, Guardajuramentos and Lamentation of widow (also in exhibition) ...

The visit of exhibition, with tickets to 18.50 euros adults in weekend (from Tuesday to Friday 15.50) and 12 euros children from 3 to 14 years (10 Euros off Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), begins in an introductory lobby decorated with flags of Houses and G Randes Arms and where a six-minute audiovisual project is projected. It is n passed to a snow forest that leads to first room where it is already exhibited costumes and props of series, toger with maps, genealogical trees and or documents to situate itself. Along route, for which Audio Guía is offered, visitor is found with best known scenarios and main mes and characters, represented by his clos, weapons and characteristic objects. The king's Landing set includes bunk used to transport Joffrey Baraon, Jaime Lannister's war clothing and king's hand clasp. In noble houses of Poniente we see characteristic banners and shields with flayed man of Boltons.

Through a barbaric stone lintel with torches we reach a cubicle with Dragon Skull and section on Targaryen where you can do a selfie with six immaculate warriors as you fly Drogon. It is n passed to impressive room of faces where re will be no one who does not musi slogan of Assassins of Braavos ("Valar Morghulis", in effect). From re in a few steps we are already in black Castle-with all its paraphernalia and clos of brors of Night Watch-where a set of mirrors allows you to see yourself climbing wall. And crossing a door in this one we enter into a frozen and mysterious world, with terrifying king of night and White Walkers, and children of forest, of which bows and or weapons are shown. In a showcase you can see – if you know what suits you-essential daggers of Vidriagón. And also creepy clos of matraca shirt bones. The last decoration is awaited Throne Room, with great Siege of power of Seven Kingdoms and ir royal guard. One could stay re, spend whole winter.

Encounter with a man without a face and a member of Royal Guard

To promote exhibition have traveled to Barcelona two actors who give life to known characters of series. It is German Tom Wlaschiha, who embodies ambiguous and mysterious Jaqen H'ghar, in fact a man without a face of Braavos, and Briton Ian Beattie, who gives life to infamous Meryn Trant, cruel Knight of Royal Guard with paedophile welts. Both characters orbit especially around Arya Stark. I find Wlaschiha, as it is logical, in disturbing decoration of room of faces. He is an attractive young man who has been struck by ironic look of Jaqen but who wears a Fred Perry and cowboys. "The exhibition is amazing, you feel again as in set of filming," he says. "I especially like lighting, which creates a lot of atmosphere." The actor says he hasn't been difficult to interpret his role. "Everything is in n scripts, which are very good and detailed". He understands that his character likes and has particular fans. "It's because of its mysterious character, it draws audience." He admits that before shooting Game of Thrones he had no special interest in fantasy genre but now his admiration for Martin has no limits. "He has created a parallel world with all his wealth." He laughs at asking for morale of series. "There is not much to say, everything is focused on struggle for power." Ian Beattie is next to Iron Throne, on whose side re is a mannequin with his guard member uniform. "The armor is fantastic, but it weighs 28 kilos." "All this is great, you will love fans," he says referring to exhibition. "We appreciate attention to detail of series, which helps a lot to interpret your character, and has a very spectacular sensory element." Beattie claims that participating in Game of Thrones is most wonderful experience he has had in his acting life, "absolute pleasure and privilege." He explains that re have been no moments of danger during filming, despite use of weapons. "Fencing is like a dance, a choreographed piece." Yes, but in series with a lot of blood. The actor laughs. "Yes, fortunately not mine!" And what about being a villain? "This intimate side of Meryn Trant, which mistreats children and abuses young prostitutes, is not fun, but interpreting it is a challenge."


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