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Jack White is Jack White and Dot

Massive Attack cancels his concert achacando that the sound of the stage where at that moment Franz Ferdinand acted annoyed his performance

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Jack White is Jack White and Dot

To imagine, it would have been interesting to know what would have happened, if Jack White instead of being alone, would have played in Mad Cool with White stripes, that definitive duo of American indie-rock of last two decades he formed with his partner and Exwife Meg White. He might not have been seen as Telonero by Arctic Monkeys, who played last night on main stage just after White did it in anor minor in front of thousands of people delivered to his radical electric shocks.

Having been White stripes, anor rooster would have sung in this world of egos which is music. Both formations are two essential entities to understand planetary projection of indie in this 21st century, exemplified precisely in proliferation of festivals everywhere. And, by its success and its influence, both groups can compete at historical level by Crown of agitating kings in international indie of our times. But Jack White played solo. And it wasn't a problem.

If with The White stripes marked a small musical revolution at beginning of this century, white now follows his own path with determination, without losing himself in Lamentations. Therefore, it was emotional to see how solo unwrapped with claw and craft, pointing out value of well-understood distortion, as well as sharp guitars. With his set of lights and screens with distorted figures at start, White was contoured like an uncontrolled parrot. It was a way of illustrating his forceful blues-rock, which turned into stuck garage or punk when you had to get off line. Notable was his interpretation of connected by love.

True, he loses subtleties, but it was as if he didn't want m. He was focused on hitting table with his hard-hitting soul blues rock, but with vitamin as it happened in Love interruption or Missing pieces. He stood out by his strength, howling at times as a help, as claiming a place in world almost in a desperate way. Imagine a frustrated teenager who is given a megaphone to slit everything that is silent and does, facing world and without being a burden. For that was Jack White, star of indie-rock, but still does not find his definitive space in se accelerated times, in which White stripes can already be a relic of anor era when we do not even remember when we stopped sending SMS. But one thing was clear: Jack White is Jack White and his music seduces for himself.

The capital surprise, however, was cancellation of Massive Attack concert. The group refused to act on stage Loop because it said that sound of stage where at that time Franz Ferdinand was annoying for performance of his concert. This generated discomfort among some attendants. According to a statement from Mad Cool organization: "We have done everything possible to delay schedules to or bands and look for a time slot where Massive Attack were comfortable, but band's unilateral decision has been to cancel ir show."

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