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Javier Ruibal's Mestizo and frontier poetry wins the current music award

"I have always been like a wine delivered," says the singer, who had just celebrated with a double album his 35 years of office

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Javier Ruibal's Mestizo and frontier poetry wins the current music award
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  • Javier Ruibal unleashes his "planetary vocation"

Al Cadiz Javier Ruibal (Puerto de Santa María, 1955) was coming a morning of calm, Charletas and Brisa Marina in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, waiting for concert offered in afternoon in city and next day in La Palma. But a call from Montserrat Iglesias, general director of INAEM, completely changed agenda and BIORHYTHMS. The achievement of national prize of current music, endowed with 30,000 euros, constitutes recognition to a trajectory that has just turned 35 years and has always highlighted for its melodic luminosity and commitment with Andalusian cultural heritage. "So far I have felt as if I had been playing, because you can never lose playful dimension of this trade, but this prize is a very serious thing and charged with responsibility," he recognized by phone author of discs as important for song Mestizo and Aflamencada like Pensión Triana, contraband or stay with me.

The name of Ruibal thickened a medal in which already included those of Santiago Auserón, martyrdom (both, members of jury), Amaral, Carmen París, Kiko Veneno or Jorge Pardo. And illustrious character of se fellow travellers was an additional motive of pride for Troubadour Cadiz. "I suppose that unites us all with same vocation of making music without triumphalist expectations, of doing what we promised without fuss or fantasies of immediate success," he reflected.

In your case, se three and a half decades of own repertoire have served him to pay tribute to geographies that fascinate him most, always with border vocation (Andalusia and Mediterranean, but also Maghreb, India or Caribbean), and to, by way, "to give answer to "Vital questions that assault us all." "I can only assure you," he noted, "that I have been working a lot of time to not pour water into wine." "I've always been a wine delivered ..."

Javier Ruibal did not have an excessively precocious debut (Duna, his first album, reached age of 28), but Ministerial award brought to mind dream of that little who read Lorca and Trasteaba with guitar without fainting. "Sometimes I think that taking so long in this is a miracle, a bingo," he confesses. "I was a child who lived obsession of singing, touching and composing, and whom some fellow accomplices were saying: ' Well, Javierito, you follow. '" To meet 35 years and to continue in it is a blessing and realization that life pattes you on back. "Well, and that time lasts very little ..."

Friends, from Drexler to Carmen Linares, Miguel Rios, gilders, Passion Vega or Kiko Veneno, had honored him a season with four nights, next to walls of Cadiz, of which came out thirty and so many recordings included in his double album 35 Anniversary. "It had been four unforgettable celebrations, of those that are forever stored in memory of heart," says singer-songwriter, now aware that ministerial distinction will make him redouble his parameters of self-demand. "The awards put you in predicament that you're going to be more watched from now on, and even that re will be new audiences looking at you." "And it will be important for me to get caught writing and proving that I take art very seriously."

On 35 anniversary has already slipped Ruibal some new issues of those who assault a couple of years to this part, but trusts to gar enough to deliver a new album along 2018. "I hadn't thought of title, but maybe after today I have to put it will continue ...", improvised between laughter. The bell is shadows, however, when asked if episodes of se last few weeks have some poetic. "I feel a great concern in checking very professionalism of Spanish politicians," he laments. "Things cannot be done to bravas, neir claims nor repressions, but our leaders are not demonstrating prudence or dialogue that should be consubstantial to m." And it makes a final pause before riveting: "Only one thing I do have clear." The letter, with blood, does not come in. "In any case enter with poetry ...".


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