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Jean-Louis Trintignant says good-bye to the cinema and begins to say goodbye to life

The 87-year-old actor announces his retirement and reveals that he has no strength to fight cancer that suffers

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Jean-Louis Trintignant says good-bye to the cinema and begins to say goodbye to life

Jean-Lous Trintignant can no longer. Or he doesn't feel like it. At 87 years old, and suffering from prostate cancer, French actor says goodbye to films and, in a way, of life. "I think cinema is over for me", announces in an interview with Daily Nice Matin published today Friday. Nor does he have strength, he recognizes, to fight disease that affects him. "I don't fight. I let things happen. There's a Marseillais doctor who's going to try a new thing. But I do not do chemorapy, although I was ready, "he reveals.

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Resubmitting to hard discipline of filming is something that you no longer feel capable of. "I just refused to work on a Bruno Dumont film. Was interesting, but I am afraid of not being up to par physically, "explains actor of recognized titles like Red, Love or Z." I do not move alone, I always need someone beside me to say: Careful, re is a piece of furniture in front of you, you're going to give a whack " , it counts not without a certain irony. Thus happy end, latest film by Michael Haneke, a misleading title, which opens today Friday in Spain, will put an end, also unhappy, a long career with more than 120 titles that have made him a benchmark for French and European cinema of last Medi or century.

A career of whose success — from Silver Bear by man who Lies (1968) to Caesar's Best Actor for Love (2012) — says to continue feeling, until today, surprised. "I am extremely shy (...) It wasn't meant for a public job, "he says. "Besides, fame never interested me too much. The first time, it's funny. But not anymore. "

Trintignant never abandons irony, but suggests that fatigue begins to power more than desire to live. "I haven't been out for a year" from home, she says. "I can't read, because I'm running blind. And books were a great pleasure. I watch TV, listen to music, sleep a lot. I stay on couch, reflecting on good and bad things. No boredom, fortunately, "he explains.

Anyway, Trintignant is out of mood for a long time. "I've been dead for 15 years," he assures in reference to death of his daughter Marie Trintignant because of blows that delivered her n-partner, French musician Bertrand Cantat. The case has emerged in recent months because of solo tour that took artist and had to interrupt because of protests of feminist groups in full movement of method. "I have lived two dramas that affected me a lot. Especially last one, my daughter Marie. Yes, that has affected me a lot and when I say that I am dead, I mean that, "recognizes actor, which is also defined as" a great pessimist. " "That's my drama," he continues — re are people who are born optimistic, I always see glass half empty. "

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