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Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to “ roll back government “

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon wants to “ roll back government “

The leader of France insubordinate (BIA) considers that events of Tuesday are only" a first step " in " construction of a relation of forces ".

" We have witnessed a mobilisation that was at level of high points of those against law El Khomri ", a delighted Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Wednesday, 13 September, at a press briefing in national Assembly, following parade against reform by orders of labour law, which was held day before, tens of thousands of demonstrators – 500 000 in whole country, 60 000 in Paris, according to organizers ; 223 000 in France and 24,000 in capital, according to ministry of interior.

leader of France insubordinate (BIA), this event is not merely a" first step ", before a new day of action already provided by CGT, on 21st of September, on eve of presentation of draft law by council of ministers, and two days before BIA. Judging " se waves are useful to construction of a relation of forces ", Mr Mélenchon said that his goal was to" broaden " front of opposition to draft law to reform labour law.

" We want to roll back government and are not in a logic of baroud d'honneur ", he started, surrounded by several deputies of his parliamentary group, such as Adrien Quatennens (North) and Eric Coquerel (Seine-Saint-Denis).

True to his rhetoric, he portrayed Emmanuel Macron in liberal, accusing head of State to be "Thatcher and Tony Blair in one person" and implement a policy of " shock front with public social policy of country ". "The level of engagement is good ", still congratulated Mr. Mélenchon, before concluding : "re is a temperature that is legal in country that gives impression that presidential election has nothing ruling. "

One that arises in first opponent of executive is also – again – says target of an "outburst médiacratique" on part of press and of power, who would do so as " an ogre ".

" Irma : to assess nature of decisions taken "

Finally, concerning disaster of Irma, Mr Mélenchon said this led him to claim on Sunday, a parliamentary commission of inquiry to establish level of preparation of authorities on islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. "This commission of inquiry did not aim to be a kind of people's court but, rar, to assess nature of decisions that have been taken" and "how to prepare for such events in future," he explained.

Without forgetting to greet sending of material "in quantity" from " bolivarian Republic of Venezuela" – led by authoritarian regime of president Nicolas Maduro and Cuba.


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