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' Jessica Jones ', the vindication of a superheroine without a blunt

The 13 chapters of the second season that Netflix premieres women's Day are all run by women.

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' Jessica Jones ', the vindication of a superheroine without a blunt

Years ago, Walter White let his Jane die in breaking Bad in one of great moments of series, but television life of actress Krysten Ritter had not done more than start. More than five years later, it leads a series of its own, Jessica Jones, one of few women protagonists of Marvel universe. "I'm clear that Jessica Jones could be a movie, I'm saying it if re's anyone from Marvel listening. But I like it to be a series of 13 episodes, because so we have time to peel different layers of this superhero and go showing reason for his bad Baba, "says actress to El PAÍS.

Not causally, Netflix premieres on Thursday, March 8, International Women's Day, complete series, whose 13 episodes have been directed by filmmakers.

Ritter talks to this newspaper on filming set in New York. A hospital bed, spartan and something dirty, is at his back. On wall, as only decoration, hangs a poster that plays a painting by Egon Schiele. "My favorite place," he says.

They are domains to which he has returned for this second season of fiction ready to delve into that comic heroine that he did not know before series. "Did you know it's fun, too? In addition to having scenes of action, fight, sex, I can tell you that this season Jessica is much more fun. I don't know how y can put so much into a script. Of course I'm bought, "he says.

The line is increasingly blurred between actress and her character in outward appearance. Krysten always dressed like a lady, but se years of living with Jones have transformed his wardrobe. "The fundamental thing is to feel comfortable. His wardrobe [jeans and lear jacket] is his armor, face that gives world. And I have stayed that song, a more androgynous and practical aura that has filled my closet black, "he explains.

Ritter left a farm in Pennsylvania, USA. Remember that she was a peculiar girl, surrounded by animals but who did not like to stain her hands. "In my heart I was always a urban," he accepts now.

When he was 15 years old, a contract with Elite model Agency provided him with an exit ticket to get away from field. Being a model wasn't your thing eir. "I didn't feel comfortable without saying anything," he says. Hence logical step was to devote itself to advertising and following, interpretation.

What I did not expect is success achieved. "In a million years I thought breaking Bad would become phenomenon that was," he says. "And even less than my character would be so iconic and remembered. That would star in such a fundamental moment in series, "he adds. And it stands out that on street y still remember her as Jane Margolis.

What you enjoy most is moments of silence, especially those that happen as Detective Jessica Jones in that room without air conditioning. "There alone, without talking, surrounded by alcohol and its demons, that is Jessica I love most and I have luxury of knowing without haste, in this format that gives me television," he ensures delighted with a role that has become his. "I never see her as a heroine, but as someone in a continual struggle that is not interested in saving city. He just wants to save his friends, "he concludes.

Also an advocate

Krysten Ritter sees his work accumulate. In addition to success of Jessica Jones, actress is part of cast of Defenders, anor series of Marvel universe that emits Netflix in which he accompanies characters such as Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. There was no rest. "I went home, hit a shower and go back to work," he exaggerates about how close both shootings were.

"Being an actress can be a lonely thing," he says about amount of time he spent on recording of Jessica Jones. In defenders work was distributed in a more equitable way between Charlie Cox, Mike Colter and Fin Jones. "And traveling toger with this group to Comic con [San Diego] made us feel like we were touring rockers," he describes.


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