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Joaquin Phoenix to play the new Joker

The archenemy of Batman already has project

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Joaquin Phoenix to play the new Joker

The deal is already signed between Warner Bros and Joaquin Phoenix. The Gladiator actor and winner of Best Actor award at Festival de Cannes 2017 by You were Never really Here, has accepted proposal to be protagonist of film that will relate origins of Joker and reasons that led him to become enemy of Batman. In this way, rumors that pointed to Leonardo Di Caprio as a protagonist are put to an end.

From hand of director of Todd Phillips ( Hangover) and Scott Silver as co-screenwriter, tape will be filmed since September this year in new York and is expected to finish at latest in 2019 with a budget of approximately 46 million euros. Next week at San Diego Comic con will be given more details.

Despite filming of this feature film, actor Jared Leto, who starred in Joker in Suicide Squad, will continue to give life to villain in DC universe, because, as publisher said, Phillips ' tape is independent and does not keep any relation to Character who performs Leto. Phoenix, known for movies like Gladiator, would become fifth actor to get into costume of legendary comic book character.

The tape, of which title is not yet known, will be produced by Martin Scorsese (Director of one of our own, infiltrated or Taxi Driver, among ors) and co-written by Phillips (Hangover in Las Vegas) and Scott Silver (8 miles). The story, set in city of Gotham in 1980s, deals with origins of known as Prince of crimes and will be inspired by Scorsese's mafia films. DC, publisher with rights of character, has never presented an official origin of character.

One of most famous tales of creation of Joker appears in work of writer Alan Moore murderous Joke (1988), based on a previous story of 1951 by Bill Finger. In it, a lab assistant with dream of being a clown helps some criminals to rob in company in which he works and, after being discovered by Batman, falls into a pipeline with toxic waste. When you leave, color of your skin, your lips and your mouth have changed, giving you appearance of a clown.

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