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Jon Hamm is not too handsome to be funny

After the end of Mad Men, Hamm only followed the footsteps of Clooney in the announcements of Emidio Tucci

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Jon Hamm is not too handsome to be funny

"If you look too good, you're not funny anymore." Comedian Kate McKinnon recognized Jerry Seinfeld in Comedians in Cars Getting coffee that was afea in a conscious way. She's afraid that if she shows herself too pretty, she might not be taken seriously as a comedian. It's nothing new. It was Phyllis Diller and Tina Fey, too. The appeal can intimidate public.

When Jon Hamm introduced Saturday Night Live sketch program in 2008, first thing that appeared in Fey's mind, which he wanted in 30 Rock, was distrust: "is Don Draper funny?" Wouldn't he be too handsome? Mad Men had been in issue for a year, and it was becoming a cultural phenomenon, but its alcoholic and Manly protagonist that some already compared with George Clooney, was far from appearing to be clown of holidays. It was a surprise to discover that, under his face from Prince Disney, re was a comedy geek who recited memory monologues. From one day to next, Hamm's professional future changed.

After end of Mad Men, Hamm only followed footsteps of Clooney in announcements of Emidio Tucci. Despite some success as The Town and Baby Driver (brilliant as a villain maniac away from his handsomeness), his cinematographic opportunities have been limited. Television and humour, however, have just given it one of most eclectic and unexpected seasons of year. It has gone from narrating with depth orem of Cave of Plato in Surrealist Legion to recover videos of its youth in a program of appointments for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Meanwhile, he waits in bedroom for an archangel Gabriel from neck sweater back for good omens (good Omens, by Neil Gaiman)

Since presenting SNL ( night Elisabeth Moss met her first husband, Fred Armisen), Jon Hamm has returned to studio a dozen times. He has imitated Robin Williams, opened a restaurant with Michael Bublé, played saxophone and exploited his hooliganism. But, above all, he has joined a group of humorous friends like Amy Poehler and Wiig who always have opportunities for him. With 47 years and a newly discovered career, future of Hamm sounds more interesting than as a romantic comedy heartthrob. Without fear of participating in most foolish movie as if John Belushi was believed, to die seconds after appearing on Last Man on Earth or to put on false beard and surprise as a demented leader of a cult. After a career of minor roles for his pretty face, Hamm has come to have fun. Maybe you could have everything.

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