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Journey through the art of feelings

Ramón Gener leads the program ' This is Art ', which approaches the world of culture from the emotions

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Journey through the art of feelings

This is art is a voyage, Voyage of Ramón Gener for world, for emotions and different disciplines of art. Gener speaks with passion of his new program, which 0 emits Thursdays (21.00), a passion for culture that tries to move spectators. Each delivery of This is Art (next Thursday is aired third episode; also available on request) take an emotion or a mood as a vehicle to walk through painting, music or sculpture.

Ecstasy, curiosity, bravery, loneliness, vanity, rebellion, fear or humour are some of concepts that serve Gener to guide Spectator on this journey. "It's a very transversal journey that allows us to have no corset, go as far as we want. We have at our disposal all art world to talk about what we want. That is fascinating, re are no borders ", says pianist and baritone about a program that is intended to" open door for anyone who wants to enter, between, or at least know that re is a door. "

It faces its role from safety that it gives to know that it plays with winning hand: "Imagine that you are going to play a game of poker and you have a repoker of aces. It's impossible for you to lose that game. It's same with me. We can talk about Goya, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Beethoven, Bernini... When card game starts, I have Aces repoker. It is almost impossible to do wrong, it is not a great merit ours. "

After This is opera, his previous program at 2, which focused exclusively on opera, now expands its range of action and opens up to rest of culture. "When I've been doing one thing for a while, I like being able to start doing. I wanted to open a tailor's drawer where it all came in. " And while, he faces or challenges, like next one he has in mind: to write his third book after Beethoven could hear me and love will make you immortal.

Although he is often labelled as an disseminator, he is not satisfied with that classification. "To be called an divulger implies that I have something to teach you, and it is an exit box that makes me uncomfortable, because I really have nothing to teach you. I have my world and you have yours. And I have joy of being able to share my worlds. As Machado said, in terms of art only remains what you give, and everything you do not, will be lost forever. " Nor do you think ir function is to try to make culture entertaining. "I only consider sharing culture, because culture is already fun."

This is why he believes that this is Art is a space that can interest and like all kinds of audiences. "Those who know about art will be able to see things from a different point of view, and those who think y don't know will feel questioned to know or try to know a little more." "In addition, re is always same effect: that one who says he knows nothing, knows a lot more than he thinks, and one who says he knows a lot, usually knows less than he believes," adds Gener.

The space is built on basis of explanations of Gener itself, which weaves a story that is related to different works of art using also vision of or experts and artists. The task is also to reduce to 50 minutes large amount of material with which y count. "The first word I learned when I started making television was to quit. It is a constant exercise of resignation. Because 50 minutes of television may seem many, but it is a sigh for all things to be explained. "

A question with trap

Ramón Gener's program has art as its raw material, but what is art? "It is a trick question that has no answer but to which I am trying to answer in se last days. The program starts with my voiceover saying that I love people who are able to get excited or cry in front of a sculpture, a painting or a song, because art only exists if re is someone who admires it, because in reality work of art is You " , defends Gener. "Art is all that thing that we are able to look at and when we look at it, it somehow transforms us, makes us think, ask things. You make it possible for that to happen, until you don't look at it, magic doesn't happen. "


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