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Julita, his castle and his grandmother's vertebra come to the TV

At its 82 years, is the revelation woman of Spanish cinema thanks to a documentary that has premiered this Sunday in Movistar

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Julita, his castle and his grandmother's vertebra come to the TV

He let his son, actor Gustavo Salmerón, record his original way of seeing death (and life) for 14 years. The result is many children, a monkey and a castle, a documentary that, besides being a titanic effort of edition, overflows humour and tenderness.

Julita's anthological reactions to ups and downs of life have ripped hours of laughter to public and have taken mor and son to stage of Goya 2018, where y collected award for best Documentary. Now, film, whose title refers to wishes fulfilled of its octogenarian protagonist, can be seen in Movistar .

"I'm terrified that my life is on TV. Because I'm going to see everybody and I'm a little embarrassed. In movies I do not care, because I see comments made by spectators. But on TV I do not know who will see it or how it will react, "says country Julita Salmerón with his personal logic, as if he had attended all projections that film has had in a score of countries.

He was born in 1935 — "Go a year to be born!" he exclaims — and lost his grandmor in war. He fell in love at first sight in 50, married and had six children. He became a millionaire by receiving an inheritance and, because of crisis, he was left without castle in which he had deposited much of money. "But now I have 12 grandchildren. Having properties is a thing of youth, "he says in his house in Madrid.

He lives surrounded by antiques that he took from castle, like an armour and a skeleton, which he calls Miguelito and says that he is frightened when he wakes up at night to drink water. and an open-air crib that remains exposed most of year.

One of those properties is vertebrae of her murdered grandmor, of little she could keep from her, which has become a family bequead from generation to generation. His children, impacted by occurrence, spend 90 minutes of footage trying to find out where surrealist symbol of his particular historical memory is kept. Because history of Julita Salmerón is history of Spain, although seen from its prism, somewhat chaotic and vodevilesco.

Julita Salmerón, in a moment of film

Despite being considered aistic and antimonárquica, she says she admires Queen Letizia, who tells her that she grabbed her waist day y met. "I'm very daring and I say what I feel. I guess it's something people like. I am that I am masona, "he exclaims, as he does before his patient husband at a time in film.

She argues that, despite accumulating too much, she has no Diogenes syndrome: "Every thing I keep bears a memory that has made me happy, and refore has a raison d'être." So he continues to accumulate objects belonging to this new stage of his life: two stuffed ants who gave him in program of Pablo Motos and excerpts from several positive reviews of film that appeared in press, which he has framed. That of Carlos Boyero comes even with photo of critic.

Of all proposals as an actress he has received in recent months, he opted to become comedian by proposal of a friend of family. Her husband is not very convinced, but she is clear. "If Julita says it is done, it is done," says Antonio with resignation and also some pride.

Julita, Antonio and monkey in a documentary archive image

"I'm reviving. The happiness that people give me, when y kiss me and squeeze my hand, is something I have never felt before. That love makes me younger. It is not bad that, at 82 years, at end of life one feels happy. Had I known, I would have introduced myself to be an actress when I was young. But everything would have gone wrong, because most beautiful is natural, "he says looking at skeleton Miguelito.

PonUnaJulitaEnTuVida What if I'm not dead? Julita wants that, to rule out a "Clepsia" Attack (Catalepsy), y nail a needle and check that it doesn't squeal. Our Golden Girls have it clear: "I'm going to do same. I'll put it in my will. " MuchosHijos

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