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Kenya dance with colors

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Kenya dance with colors
Colors dance with FATOS PUR Kenya Tourism News date of entry: 10.9.2017 fossils from 200 thousand years ago, first man of land where bones were found. Struggle with poverty and drought in Kenya on one hand while on or hand, with discovery of lands of vegetation and wildlife mesmerizes visitors with Vasco de GAMA was Portuguese trade route for many years in Kenya. Remained under Arab occupation, and was a colony of British. The country's independence in 1963, Jomo Kenyatta clasped a strong leader. The British influence dominated in almost every business in country today. The local language Swahili official language next to English. Traffic is flowing from right to left just as in UK and also of car steering wheel is on left. Kenya, east of Africa, located on equator. Ethiopia and Sudan in north, Uganda to West, Tanzania to South, Somalia to East and Indian Ocean. Throughout year temperature varies between 20-28 degrees on equator as it is. Here is Four Seasons. As for last two seasons, rainy and snow is valid. Between Marmaris and most of rainfall period of November to December at least. A different geography with shores in Indian Ocean and vast plains of Kenya. The Rift Valley lakes is composed of everyone else chasing 'Big Five slot. $ 50 VISA RETRIEVINGtravel to ir country, begins with administering required vaccinations. The use of drugs against malaria and yellow fever vaccination. With this information it is possible to learn details of travel health centers. A visa for entry to Kenya is not required, but a visa at door for $ 50 you receive in exchange. Vaccination and finished his work visa back after you are supposed to enjoy this beautiful country. Today, largest safaris in Kenya reason for visit was made to see Big Five Lion, elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard, all depends on a little luck to see Big Five. Especially Leopard is very spoiled and self-does not show all time. Open top buses or 4x4 safaris. With announcement of Declaration of an animal followed by a sweet rush of tools that y run big-coordinates. Of course, not only Big Five, various birds, gazelles, giraffes, deer, monkeys and baboons of Kenya and especially colors. In Kenya, just to mention two of most often you'll hear a greeting but also a way of life. 'Hello', meaning 'jambo' and 'no problem, everything is fine' in sense of 'hakuna matata'! Colonial life really long, result of poverty, hunger and drought, even though everything here is 'hakuna matata!' In local language 'mottled zone', which means region inhabited by approximately one million people monitored and Masai Mara Safari. A long and uneven road from approximately four to five-hour journey without drums, very pleasant to observe in ir natural habitat along way.INCLUDING TOURclose up of table I for life of people those who want to see a table of all types visiting village. People made doors to keep out wild animals in tiny mud-brick houses to live in. Every night, a man of tribe, with a spear in hand guard to protect village from wild animals. Meanwhile, cook simple custard cooked in house on January should not surprise you like. An indispensable food for public. Their colorful clos and traditional life which is still a source of interest for tourists interesting dances of tribes, unfortunately, is no longer followed. They're an interesting contrast with arms in ir hands, cell phones or Electronic Watches. But under protection of UNESCO, tribes, and definitely should be seen. If you get lucky and visit a school if you can, you can witness cute Kenyan kids games. Have achieved so much in name of shift, although re are or ethnic groups in Kenya. These Gikuyu, Luo, Luh, kalenj and Kamba tribes. If you stay where you are stay in Kenya, most of businesses still in British hands, because it was an extremely comfortable, you can spend holiday. Poor and dirty facility works in ways when you walked in, a thousand kinds of chichewa, chirping and singing birds, colorful trees welcome you to this unique land.GIRAFFES special careNairobi: Nairobi which is reached approximately seven hours on a flight from Istanbul, capital city of Kenya. Contrary to view of Africa of your dreams, is covered with skyscrapers. In a great part of day traffic is very intense. In terms of population and area, which is one of largest cities in East Africa before Nairobi was a big slew. 'In city which is known as Safari capital of world, always remaining in a suit habitually wandering from British, local people you see. Nairobi National Park: located in sourn outskirts of city, Nairobi National Park (one of smallest in Africa), a city located next to world's only Wildlife Park. Although small, wildlife that can be seen from ground and from sky. Nairobi National Park, Rhino's sacred space in sense of 'Kifaru Ark' in name has been given. Unfortunately, poaching still at Park, home to world's most densely concentration of black Rhino over age of 50. Lions and hyenas in park is seen as intensive. The park Rangers at entrance usually re is increasing scrutiny about lion's movements. Thanks to radio that communicates with guards, vehicles tracking wildlife can be made. Residing in park, Cheetah and Leopard to determine location of, a little patience and a lot of luck. Contained in park among or types of gazelle, zebra, giraffe, ostrich and Buffalo areas. The wetlands in park, is home to 400 bird species. Nairobi Giraffe Center Rothschild shrinking field of Agriculture because of drought and increase of generation of giraffes made in order to protect park habitat type of tourists is favorite. Giraffes have brought here a certain age, is released back into wild after ir environment. Cute giraffes that you can feed with your hands in beginning of today's 14 The number surpassed witness wildlife...Mount Kenya National Park: Mount Kenya, Africa's second highest mountain, also one of most beautiful. Only a few minutes away from equator. At top of glaciers, was throne of Great God kikuyu former Ngai. The locals tells us that. Today, locals still on lower slopes of mountain to offer prayers. Mount Kenya, and I carry pride of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. In past 12 5199 meters Mount Kenya glacier. Today, however, is under threat remaining under increased temperatures and glaciers, and snowy crystal caves takes place only in interstices. This means it is easier than ever due to altitude mountain climbing, even though climb is not easy. Batman and 5188 meters at a height of 5199-metre high nelion of highest peaks, however, can be reached by mountaineers with technical skills adept. The third highest peak point lenana, which can be exited easily by hikers, which is if a route is known. Height of 4985 meters. Ambosel National Park: in foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters height, that is home to hundreds of elephants, Kenya's most famous park. Accompanying sunrise and sunset when wear is clear elephants, zebras, all with spectacular views to visitors. The park also is home to more than 370 bird species and Kenya's premier wildlife experience allowing you to. Lake Nakuru National Park: Drive to Nairobi to Nakuru only two hours away, Kenya is counted among best national parks. Rocks, forests and numerous waterfalls, surrounded by park throughout year, black and white rhinos, lions, leopards, hippos, and giraffes of slot. However, title comes from pink flamingos of lake. Unfortunately, numbers are decreasing because of drought and rising waters today, although still bird watching. Masai Mara: world's most famous Wildlife Park. Zebras, Impala, elephants, table I, giraffes and various types of gazelles. Rains, vegetation and herbivores is also an extraordinary ecosystem with millions of feeds. Cheetahs, leopards and lions, including highest number of prey animals, and land where Safari was most intense. Or in words of Masai Mara locals Mara, norrn extension of Tanzania's equally famous Serengeti Plains.


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