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' Killing Eve ', Anatomy of a Spy

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer starring in a mix of drama and comedy about hunting a hired assassin

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' Killing Eve ', Anatomy of a Spy

You have to take question off soon. Four years after leaving Grey's Anatomy, would you like Sandra Oh to come back sometime to series, perhaps in a last episode? With a big smile, always very kind, responds quickly: "Since I'm here, I'll say no." With here it refers to Canneseries, festival celebrated in French city and in which it presented its last television show, killing Eve (on Mondays on HBO Spain), a thriller of Spies and Assassins with a high comic load, mark of House of its creator , English Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag, crashing). And that "No" leaves little doubt.

Sandra Oh is Eve of series title she does want to talk about, "a middle-aged woman, very smart, bored, happily married, but unsatisfied, frustrated with her work," she aspired to always be a spy and ended up in MI5 doing chores Bureaucratic. Until one day he tells his bosses that international assassin y're looking for must be a woman. And it is: it is called Villanelle (Jodie Comer), a Russian girl, who lives in Paris, elegant, very smart and with zero feelings for world. Eve is going to start chasing her and Villanelle will be pursued while she also goes on to hunt for Eve. "We don't play mouse and cat, we play cat and cat, ir worlds intersect and two women are on same level," explains Oh.

"I think Villanelle ignites something on Eve, a vitality. When we meet Eve, she is seated in her life as a middle-aged woman, trying to figure out what to do to be more satisfied, "explains Canadian actress. "I do not share that with her, I am not bored, I like my work, but we do share age and vital moment and I was interested in that internal debate because I wonder same thing, what keeps a woman alive at this age?".

She is interested in question, but Sandra Oh, who started acting at 10, is quite clear that her work is what keeps her feet in reality. And now he can celebrate especially because Killing Eve is first starring role he has in his career: "I had been waiting for 30 years for something like this," he explains, and he talks about both character and series.

She is convinced that television in United States takes advantage of cinema as "to include diversity of races and to tell more stories of women". "I've always felt welcome on television," he says, but he knows that not being white has also limited his career. To point that when he got script of Killing Eve, did not think y were offering protagonist, role of title.

It was also because in last four years it had been disenchanted a little with industry. Leaving Grey's Anatomy, after nine years playing Dr. Cristina Yang, with her Golden Globe at home, and eager to make more television, she thought that many interesting offers would come. It was not, although it has not been stopped. "I've done ater, a couple of movies, an American Crime season, produced an animated film and I've also had to say many ' no ' se years," he recognizes. "But it's okay, I needed to find right story and I feel fortunate to have been patient. Ha! The great achievement of my life has been to be patient, "he laughs.

Killing Eve is story she was looking for and is story that current time needs, believes Sandra Oh. "We started two years ago, and just when shoot started MeToo and we thought: ' These stories are things to tell, and we are change that needed," he recalls. "Now we just need to be an exception, re are more stories like that with women."

Spy as you want

"This isn't a tough women's show," says Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Killing Eve is a thriller, a story of spy and murderer, with some action, with quite a sharp humor and little politically correct as she is. But it is not a story of hard women and point. "It's a study of two women, with ir fears, ir needs and ir desires," she says. Adaptation of novels of Luke Jennings, Codename Villanelle, series, already renewed for a second season, is an attempt of English creator "to subvert genre" and to present some characters nothing stereotyped. "That's how real women talk, which I know at least," she says. They speak quickly with a very particular voice, that of Waller-Bridge, which now Sandra Oh has to make her own. "It might seem more complicated," says actress. "And although finding tone of series might be, I understood immediately what Phoebe meant."

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