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' Knightfall ', so fell the Knights Templar

HBO debuts This fiction that tells the end of the order in the 14th century

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' Knightfall ', so fell the Knights Templar

Tom Cullen grew up among castles in north Wales. A place imbued with legends Arthurian where actor played with his friends at foot of medieval ruins. A couple of decades later he's still playing a gentleman, but now at work. Cullen (known for his role as Lady Mary's suitor in Downton Abbey) is protagonist of Knightfall, an original series of American History Channel, which in Spain premieres this Thursday HBO, and recounts how Knights Templar order fell in 14th century.

"My savage Gang of friends and I played around se castles and we wanted to be knights." This series is an extension of that. As an adult I love to feel innocence of n and often in filming who was was little Tom, "tells actor to country in a hotel in Madrid. Cullen plays Landry, a Knight Templar whose faith is renewed 15 years after fall of Acre, a historical moment that meant end of Crusades, by news that comes to him of supposed reappearance of Holy Grail. It was so joyful to dive back into a medieval world of adventures like when I was a kid, that a couple of those talking friends put m in series as extras to enjoy experience with m.

"Landry is most complex character I've played to date." "He's a guy who's at war with himself, he's a godly, religious man who discovers his humanity," Cullen explains. "He is very loyal to his Brorhood, but lies to m and has an affair with a woman." He's a ferocious warrior, but he's beginning to be aware of his own mortality. It is a very courageous decision on part of creators of series to have a main character who has so many flaws being a hero, "describes actor to Landry.

Cullen remarks that it is not a series on Crusades of Christians against Muslims. "Talk more about how religion is used by man with greed, for power." Religion and faith are distorted and manipulated by human needs. The series is not going to face a belief against anor. The Holy Grail is a metaphor for access to power, actor says. The series tries to explain what happened to Knights after Crusades. "Traditionally, spectators are accustomed to seeing a series about someone's rise." This is something more complex and attractive. It's a bold choice. There is not a single character that is not multidimensional and complex, that is not full of contradictions and that does not make bad decisions. "Everybody stains ir hands in this series," he explains.

Cullen is excited to have returned to his childhood with this fiction of ten episodes and, as expected, will have many more seasons. But not everything was so pleasant in filming. On one hand, by having to record action scenes with mesh dimensions of many kilos of weight. On or hand, because decorations were burned at start of production. "They raised medieval Paris in largest studios in Europe, in Prague." There were palaces, alleys, markets, churches, shops, it was amazing. 400 people, seven days a week to build it for four months. And it burned down in two hours. It was very painful. "But y rebuilt it while we and we didn't lose a day of recording," Cullen narrates. "These amazing Czech workers did an inspiring job." They worked hard and returned life to series from ir Ashes literally. "It was a privilege to work with m," he tops.

The production of History Channel wants, as it does with Viking series, to get as close as possible to reality without losing spirit of fun. "We have tried to count in most honest and auntic way who se men were without forgetting to make an entertaining series." We worked very hard to make it look real, and that's beauty of drama versus documentary. I love documentaries, but with drama you can immerse yourself in a world, disappear for an hour and imagine and feel what could be lives of se people. "And make it fun and entertaining," interpreter says. For him, at least, as amusing as playing with wooden swords in an ancient medieval castle.

Conspiring with Jon Snow Tom Cullen and Kit Harington in ' Gunpowder '.

Tom Cullen is also protagonist this month on HBO Spain with premiere of miniseries of BBC Gunpowder, in which he plays coup Guy Fawkes. The series narrates failed Catholic conspiracy of 1605 against King James I of England. "They left Me at my ease with character, aestically and with his personality." He was a red-haired long-haired, long-bearded. We dealt with a wig and I looked stupid. I wanted it to be different from rest of conspirators and to be seen differently. "We decided to shave my head and I got writers to take away all possible dialogues to create this silent and terrifying man," tells actor about his character. This series is also starring Kit Harington (Jon snow in Game of Thrones). "I've known Kit since I was 19, we went to school of Dramatic art toger." "I'm always getting to him." "I'm a fan of Game of Thrones, but I never ask what's going to happen," he says about his relationship with English actor. "When y ask me who would win a sword duel I always answer categorically same: I would win." If in future you interview him, ask him if he could with me, ' he laughs.

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