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' Legion ' is not the product of your imagination

The atypical superhero series starring Dan Stevens returns trying to double in surrealism

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' Legion ' is not the product of your imagination

During filming of first season of Legion, its protagonist, Dan Stevens (Surrey, 1982), lived deceived by screenwriters and some co-actors like Aubrey Plaza. It seemed like anyone had more information about his character than he did. "I don't know if I would call it lying, let's say creator, Noah Hawley [also responsible for Fargo] was very conservative with information, but that actually helped me build my character," reminds country of actor who became known as Matw Crowley in Customs Downton Abbey. Today he embraces surreal madness as an atypical mutant superhero.

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Atypical because Legion is not a series of action to use. Here battles are not accompanied by explosions and kicks "realistic", but narrated by dancing: "The or we see in rest of series. We like madness of not knowing when you can put to dance and sing. It's our artistic way of narrating a mental struggle, "explains Stevens on phone from Los Angeles. His voice shows that he is still surprised by number of structural and cinematographic rules — a cross between David Lynch and Wes Anderson — that breaks series that Fox emits in early hours of Monday to Tuesday: "This season is even crazier than previous one. It is gratifying for everyone to know that we had never done anything like it, but half time I didn't hear anything. "

In first season, David Haller, better known as Legion for Marvel readers, was in a psychiatric ward, not knowing what was going on in his mind, wher he was possessed, mad or simply had powers as some claimed. In second, challenges are very different. "He has gone from being locked up to being seen as a god by his friends. It's a big jump not easy to accept. He starts to understand everything and that creates locks on his head. Who do you trust now? " After a temporary jump, David understands that his mind was captivated by an ancient enemy and that his far is one of most powerful mutants on planet. All more normal. "Before I was afraid and I was confused. I as an actor, since I knew nothing, too. That was useful. Now I have more information about what's going on, but we also want to keep that feeling of discovering history as we go along, while looking for body of Shadow King. Everything is urgency and despair. If we knew what was happening at all times, bewilderment would not move so well, "explains British who triumphed last year covered by special effects for Beauty and Beast.

Noah Hawley did not hire him, however, for his qualities as a romantic protagonist but for what he "can say with his eyes in moments of calm, when nothing happens." Here effects are always achieved in least expected way, with movements and cuts of camera and practical effects: "We want to create a kind of visual madness. Teach how world looks subjectively without trusting everything you see. David is prepared to believe strangest things and falsely give ordinary. That seems pretty common in schizophrenic paranoid patients. Although that is not our approach, we seek to talk about disease responsibly, "reviewed Stevens was documented talking to patients and medical books and interviews on YouTube (in addition to reading comics by Chris Claremont, Bill Sienkewicz and Simon Spurrier To "capture humor" of character) to do justice to David's gaze.

Despite love he feels for his character, actor tries, however, not to take home any of his madness and Scenes of Legion: "When I arrive, I expect three girls and two cats. That's anor level of madness. " There, at least, y don't lie to him. At least you think so.

Mutant of Posttruth Shadow King of ' Legion '. Fx

The Legion's speech about not knowing what is real and distrusting all information received by recipient (wher David or spectator) has become by chance, and as in best stories of superheroes, in a reflection of what happens in our world with hoaxes and No Internet and fake news campaigns. "It's amazing to see that since we started many of issues that exist in comic book world have jumped into general dialogue. Discussions about nature of reality, who we trust truth to and how many are questioning usual platforms have led to questioning our sanity and that of our leaders. That's visual experience we want to create, "Stevens reflexes.

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