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Leticia Hurta prepares a series for Movistar

Let yourself go is a story in eight episodes about three women who go through a life crisis

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Leticia Hurta prepares a series for Movistar

The actress, scriptwriter and director Leticia Hurta prepares a new series for Movistar , let yourself go, a story about "three women who are experiencing a life crisis" that will consist of eight episodes and will start shooting in September in Barcelona.

"Three years ago I started to develop story of three women, Maria, Cristina and Esr, who are going through a life crisis-for different reasons-and who will discover that ir life does not necessarily have to be as planned," she explained, hurting through her Instagram account.

Nominated for Goya for Best novel director for comedy requirements to be a normal person (2015), hurt will count on his new project with Manuel Burque as co-screenwriter. Burque was one of protagonists of his debut. The direction of let carry will be in charge of hurt although some chapters are directed by "two or directors".

Three years ago I started to develop story of three women, Maria, CRISTINA and ESTHER, who are going through a life crisis (for different reasons) and who will discover that ir lives do not necessarily have to be as planned. I thought best way to translate ir stories was a series. So I developed a bible of 8 chapters, wrote a pilot and went with all this to @movistarplus after several sessions of work, team decided I wanted to know more Mary, Cristina and Esr and see m laugh, cry, wrong and aprendrer , or not... on screen. I still remember call of Domingo Corral (director of original productions of Movistar) confirming that produced project. My cat still has fright of Scream I hit (when I hang up). Thank you from here for confidence and illusion, Sunday. As this was (and is) a long viajazo, hard and at same time exciting, I looked for best co-screenwriter and ally, someone I admire very much for his talent, sensitivity and ability to work (and obsession, yes, I found someone as obsessive as me) , I'm talking about screenwriter, comedian and actor, Manuel Burque. (@manuelburque) Burque, as he did when I proposed fattening 15kilos for filming of "requirements to be a normal person" decided to let go and get on this boat. Toger we have written eight scripts, eight mini-movies whose writing has made us grow as screenwriters, learn a lot of things and make even more friends. In addition to empacharnos with baked almonds more than once. The series I will direct it myself and some of chapters will be directed by two or directors (whose names I can not say yet). We will start recording in September in city that saw me born, Barcelona. In photo you can see Maria, Álex, Oriol, Goretti, Laia, or Laia and Marta. They are an important part of "Let Yourself go." We go with all illusion, all desire, all effort and some fear. Let's go with everything to get carried away. What would happen if your life could be different from how you planned? What would happen if we were to get carried away? dejatellevar

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