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Lubaina Himid wins Turner Award for Contemporary Art

The artist, born in Tanzania, vindicates the identity of the African diaspora. is the first non-Caucasian to get the award

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Lubaina Himid wins Turner Award for Contemporary Art

A production of paintings, drawings and installations that vindicate identity of African diaspora and creativity of black artists has deserved tonight to Lubaina Himid (Zanzibar, Tanzania, 1954) The Turner Prize of Contemporary Art, in an edition that in His roster of finalists has opted for multiculturalism, return to traditional formats such as painting and creative maturity.

The award-winning, whose name has been announced on night of this Tuesday in course of a gala in Hull (north-east England), will receive a endowment of 25,000 pounds (about 28,500 euros) and all annealing of one of most important prizes of world of art .

Formed as an artist in United Kingdom, Himid's work alludes in many of his pieces to slavery industry and his legacy, like those pieces of a porcelain service decorated with images of slaves. or institutional invisibility of black community, and its underrated contributions, which emphasizes in its work on pages of Guardian newspaper, where news of successful athletes is juxtaposed, police violence against African-Americans in United States or War of bands in London.

Anor of constants of its production is questioning of historical role of portrait. In one of most celebrated proposals, a fashionable marriage, Himid is inspired by paintings of William Hogarth in 17th century to recreate a satirical altarpiece in which Margaret Thatcher adopts pose of a Countess dissolute and Ronald Reagan Of his mistress, facing gaze of a black servant. Painting, drawing, collage and trimming are tools that this long-haul artist uses.

Lubaina Himid. Edmund Blok AP

At its 63 years, Lubaina Himid surpasses in more than a decade limit of age that Turner imposed on 1991 (seven years after its creation) but that in this edition it has decided to eliminate. The jury wanted to put spotlight on a series of authors in mature stage of ir careers that, although y connect with public, y have been marginalized by cultural elites because of ir multiculturalism and, often, as women, as President has emphasized and Director of Tate Britain, Alex Farquharson.

The panel of finalists of present edition included two or women artists, Rosalind Nashashib (London of Palestinian far and Irish mor), and German Andrea Büttner, in addition to British artist of Origin Jamaican Hurvin Anderson. Farquharson has emphasized that, with that selection, Turner emits a song to diversity of British artistic scene precisely in times of increasing hostility towards immigrants.

The group of artists that has starred in Liza has in common use of more traditional forms of representation than often controversial Turner. These authors no longer feel that use of unusual and provocative materials and methods is necessarily most innovative today. The award seems to have passed page to that last voyage where y marked tonic cows in formaldehyde of Damien Hirst, bed undone by Tracey Emin, or bulb of Martin creed that was lit and turned off in middle of a room naked.


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