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Marta wins ' MasterChef ' 6

Marta Verona is imposed on Ketty in the final challenge of the gastronomic contest of TVE

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Marta wins ' MasterChef ' 6

With a menu that first sounded very traditional but at time of execution was very modern, Marta Verona, 23 years, was made with win in sixth edition of MasterChef. In final, where he faced Ketty, student of nutrition, achieved success with a menu consisting of gazpacho, a stew of lobster and mullet and a dessert of raspberry macaroons with ice cream.

Verona has thus been done with 100,000 euros of prize, possibility of publishing its own cookbook and a training course at University of Culinary Sciences Basque Culinary. According to profile provided by TVE, Marta, as it is known in program, began to cook because her far went to cooking classes and decided to practice toger. His passion for food led him to study nutrition and dietetics to help people. He likes to entertain, to amuse and he says that through kitchen he gets it. When he was 18 he wanted to study at Basque Culinary Center, but high cost of se studies made him desist because he knew that his parents would be too much effort. In MasterChef saw opportunity to follow studies he always wanted and defends that you have to eat in a balanced, varied and rich. It is considered talkative, Marimandona and is not easily annoyed. He says that crazy touch of Samantha Vallejo-Nagera (one of judges of contest) reminds a little of her.

According to TVE, MasterChef remains, after thirteen editions (anonymous, famous and children), one of great strengths of 1. MasterChef Celebrity 2 gared this season to an average of 2,832,000 followers and 23.5%. The triumph of Saul Craviotto achieved 3,444,000 spectators and 29.7%, best data in quota of all editions of talent. MasterChef 6, which arrived last night at its end, in its penultimate installment beat record with 2,744,000 spectators (23.1%). The sixth season has averaged (before last program), 2,782,000 and 17.6%. MasterChef Junior 5 also led its strip. He got 2,370,000 spectators and a 16.2% average.


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