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Màxim Huerta should resign

Màxim Huerta has already made history

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Màxim Huerta should resign

This time new Minister of Culture and Sports raised dust from same threshold, first day, without furr delay. Or ministers who preceded him also did, but giving himself a little more time. For example, previous one, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, declared a fan of Spanish cinema, said he liked it so much that he saw it devoutly in television program Barrio Cinema, for rejoicing of many moviegoers; o Esperanza Aguirre, who in his time as Minister of Culture, speaking of Airbag, film by Juanma Bajo Ulloa at that time was filling cinemas, confessed that she would not see it because he was not interested in foreign cinema, which was clear that neir EST Minister or that minister didn't give a damn about Spanish cinema. Of her as Minister of culture it is said that he professed much admiration for great writer Sara Mago, of course that n José Saramago still would not have received Nobel Prize of literature...

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  • Màxim Huerta used a company to defraud Hacienda 256,778 euros between 2006 and 2008

However, as much as it is commonplace such nonsense, stir was armed when current newly appointed Minister of Culture and Sports sincerely confessed that he does not like sport or bulls, matters that are responsibility of his office. The spontaneous declaration of Màxim Huerta, something giddy, provoked a certain scandal, when it is more serious that since time immemorial has been arranged that culture is not a ministry by itself, but always goes in company of matters like education, sports or Information and tourism, a blunder that lasts for several years. From what you see, no government has given culture attention it deserves. Well, if a minister of Culture and Sports says he doesn't like sports or bulls, it would be a matter of seeing how toreaba lack of empathy; In or cases y have not been interested in cinema or atre, even if y do not confess it publicly, and we have suffered with stoicism consequences of crazy criteria.

But far from his provocations as Lenguaraz Tertullian now we have young minister facing elements for anor matter, this time for defrauding Treasury. Although it seems that subject was already clarified with his official explanations will not cease attacks that call for his resignation. The Veda was lifted and re is no stopping it. This time, surely minister should resign. In any case he's already made history.


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