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Màxim Huerta will only receive 1,000 euros as former minister

The law obliges you to compensate you only for the week you have exercised but you will not have almost incompatibilities

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Màxim Huerta will only receive 1,000 euros as former minister

Màxim Huerta, who has just resigned as minister of Culture after seven days in post, will not enjoy generous regime of economic compensation of former senior officials due to short time he has been in office, but surely not suffer rigor of The system of incompatibilities to which ceasing ministers must be subject.

Huerta has right to an economic compensation by state of 1,183 euros gross (less withholdings) for fair week that has been at forefront of culture, which gives an indemnity of around 1,000 euros.

This is indicated in article 10.5 in its first provision of law 74/1980, of 29 December, introduced in general budgets of state of 1981, which stipulated that former Minister of government and assimilated cease in exercise of such charges were entitled To perceive from following month in which cessation occurs, and during a period equal to that y had carried out office, without that can be received more than 24 monthly payments, a monthly compensation pension equal to twelfth part of 80% of total of remunerations Assigned to respective position in budget in force for period indicated.

As you want Huerta to receive a monthly salary of 6,340 euros, after last revision introduced in General Budgets Act for 2018, and 80% of that amount are 5,072 euros is only a compensation of 1,183 euros , subtracting withholdings, will be around 1,000 euros.


Fortunately for TV presenter and writer Màxim Huerta, short term of his term also exempts him from harsh incompatibilities to exercise in private activity that have suffered or colleagues of his own when y have left portfolio of culture.

Law 3/2015, of 30 March, regulating exercise of high office of General Administration of state states that senior officials, during two years following date of ir cessation, will not be able to provide services in private entities that have resulted Affected by decisions in which y have participated.

The prohibition extends both to private entities concerned and to those belonging to same company group.

For Fortune, former minister of culture has hardly made any decision in exercise of his office. The only one that is known is to send a request to General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE) in which it requests that entity does not comply with a judgement of High Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) concerning application of an international arbitration

The law understands that a high office participates in adoption of a decision affecting an entity when high office, in exercise of its own competences or functions or its superior to his proposal or holders of its dependent bodies , by delegation or substitution, subscribes a prescriptive report, an administrative decision or an equivalent act subject to private law in relation to undertaking or entity concerned. Secondly, when it had intervened, by means of its vote or submission of corresponding proposal, in sessions of collegiate bodies in which decision had been taken in relation to enterprise or entity.

It does not appear that Minister of Culture in short term in which he has been in front of department east in any of se two assumptions, so he will have no problem in resuming his professional career on television, as a journalist or as a writer.


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