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Màxim the brief

The former Minister of Culture and Sports, the most media of all, has been the most ephemeral with just a week in office

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Màxim the brief

When he knew that his past problems with Hacienda were to be published, Minister of Culture, Màxim Huerta, went to see Iceland. He attended premiere, on Tuesday night, of Lluïsa Cunillé 's hard play on economic crisis. He looked a little stiff, but with enough tables to greet interpreters, declare his support for ater and announce that he would go to Max Awards gala, scheduled for next Monday. He didn't give him time. He resigned yesterday afternoon, despite fact that in first hour he insisted, even before President Pedro Sánchez, that he had paid his fine and that re was no reason for his departure. But politics is not a television show, although it often seems so. As morning and lunchtime advanced, Huerta had not yet come down to plaza of Ministry of Culture to face chambers of his former colleagues, smelt that inside was cooking his resignation. At seven in afternoon he announced his resignation without admitting questions.

Furr evidence of differences between politics and journalism, Office of formulating questions in which Valencian Màxim Huerta, born in wine population of Utiel and grown in industrial Buñol, was soon made a name. His frank Gaze and his naturalness were good on screen. It became a familiar face of n Valencian Autonomous television channel 9, which soon fell short. He went to conquer Madrid, entered Telecinco and had a fruitful relationship with Queen of morning magazines, Ana Rosa, which began in 2005 and concluded in 2015. He was quick in aftershocks and questions and was seen with politicians, sportsmen and or celebrities. There he met Pedro Sanchez, in an interview, in which re were good crumbs between m.

Many did not forgive him from news to entertainment. Yesterday, in his farewell he alluded to it: "He knew [when he accepted position of minister] that he would be target of criticism for having worked in a medium that everyone sees and demonized." The program catapulted its name and its face to television stardom. Màxim Huerta climbed to wave and took plunge to also launch literary firmament, fulfilling an ancient yearning. He joined increasingly large group of popular presenters and journalists with hardcover book under his arm.

In 2009, he published his first novel that is last time... in a stamp of powerful editorial Planeta. Five years later, he won Primavera Prize of novel awarded by Espasa, a label belonging to same editorial group, with night dreamed.

In 2015, she broke up with Ana Rosa to devote herself entirely to literature. It already has seven novels, among or books, being last, firmament (Espasa), of very recent appearance. He came to receive blessing of his admired Ana Maria Matute.

Not only did he dedicate himself to writing long narrative, he also cultivated that short but incisive genre like tweet. There he declared his phobia to practise sports, his disaffection of Bulls, his love for boobs of Ana Rosa, among or tweets, provocative, that as soon as he was appointed minister did not take a minute to resurrect.

He reproved tables in his inauguration as Minister of Culture and Sports when he pointed out that sweating doesn't sweat, but he does love sports. His appointment was received with perplexity in cultural sector, but he was given a vote of confidence.

Sponsored by former Socialist mayor of Buñol, Andrés Perelló, although without a particularly political or ideological profile, Pedro Sánchez surprised with his bet for him, after maintaining a cordial relationship in time when hardly anyone was betting on current President of Government he.

He got that in a week, Minister of Culture appeared more in television magazines than probably in whole history. Its presence in last final of Roland Garros, won by Rafael Nadal, touched by a white hat, hogged also attention, but not so much as in yesterday, in which it was absolute protagonist of all television programs. It was probably longest day of Màxim brief.


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