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Minister for EU Affairs □ of □ accompany the entry of Mer: Contemporary, ed D S tan D T H M T H D S D S D A D arrow d moist

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Minister for EU Affairs □ of □ accompany the entry of Mer: Contemporary, ed D S tan D T H M T H D S D S D A D arrow d moist

The effectiveness of supporting: lan entry e, floor 42´a total of 73 foreign entries close with gallery si □ of □ 500 thousand of a work of art K L&tfi K rdar Congress Center and Istanbul rumeli hall d entry, Real Madrid´supporting found with opened at: tu.  I collected fair treatment and entry to European Union is facing internal institutional Mer □ collected between ndayd of those that are collected. The Minister of internal institutional share ir impressions about fair T H s D U D kissing with comment:

"this entry of T&as a result, Turkey´S b&government;y&result, K potential of g&suggest a treatment. D nyan n n EC h Health History of each party from entry of art galleries here. G&d treatment, with entries every year until im zlemledi supporting standards: y&result, rising d nyan n h Art Space entry entry of international players in Health History, galleries y're coming in here. This fair  T&Real Madrid, Turkey´s tan d t □ removal of supporting: a&h d s no arrow from back is important. H m h n z H S H at home, gene&more s here at g&m d d d I By proud red rose and a look of interest."

BA □ blood of G&D Real Madrid REL: FAIR COLLECTED FROM LG, we are pleased ARROW No ENTRY

contemporary Istanbul Y&Ba board stage □ blood collected Ali G&if Real Madrid's "fair d d H H M n z 13 month´&at Real Madrid&back t h k. A valuable research H L H H g&government;n&entry continued in Real Madrid and no arrow no □ reputation came an interest in. We are pleased no arrow. Foreign entry, both domestic galleries &back sat OK well □ of □ make OF are collected. T&rk Real Madrid collectors, current collectors D M H z h The interest of foreign fair no arrow kept standing. D&d most valuable research challenges of year entry na ra-men this year's innovations toger with internal R D BA L H A D no fair we're in arrow lair. This fair □ n found at lair and internal supporting: music, photos, art-filled week at t n d d d d d&Turkey, Real Madrid´y&arrow important and valuable research has been extremely positive for treatment of □ reputation of H D RU m h z algae collected or you need us to do positive that g&T stage&entry ini and that very lie I think most important &Real Madrid r&government;n&Real Madrid art was n □ d reputation of Health History&government;n&comment Real Madrid´´ supporting topic: tu.

domestic and foreign art lovers entry of T&as a result, Turkey´collected on 17 Sep and I eagerly followed fair&Real Madrid l´end.



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