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More Escobar, and just right

My problem is not already the abusive déjà vu with the character and the argument, but the movie disappoints my expectations

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More Escobar, and just right


Address: Fernando León de Aranoa.

Interpreters: Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard.

Genre: ' biopic '. Spain, 2017.

Duration: 123 minutes.

It was one of most venturosas collaborations of Spanish cinema (What hell... of cinema, without restrictions) that have existed, that of a director called Fernando León de Aranoa and actor Javier Bardem. It is titled Mondays to Sun and its ability to commotion, its art, its commitment, its LOA to resistance, its hardness, its tenderness, its humanity remain intact for me after so long and so many savior visions. Santa, this triable, arrogant and insolent golfer, tireless street seducer (sure to Montándoselo with teenage daughter of his friend), as cool as helpless, professional survival reasonably encabronado, unpayable narrator of Tale of Ant and cicada, genetic, rebellious and conscious rompefarolas, although such a foolish attitude seeks an even greater ruin than it has, with unbroken class consciousness, trickster and dignified, devious and generous, I think one of great creations of The history of cinema, at level of Brando of law of silence and Newman of hustler, three magnetic and extraordinary actors that bordered thirty years.

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  • Javier Bardem: "Evil has its appeal"

And you expect with great enthusiasm reunion of creators so gifted in a project that apparently lived in heads of both of m for a long time, but that by various circumstances had been delayed so far. It is titled Loving Paul and Dives into legendary and infamous existence of Pablo Escobar, golden-blasted ogre who defied state and was about to win, cunning hillbilly become a drug Superman and arrogantly aware that money can Buy and corrupt everything. And if it does not, alternative is lead for disobedient.

But it happens that this fascinating and scary character, his empire of infamy, his family and sentimental relations, his bloody pulse with government, his brawl with or clans for absolute possession of succulent tart, his implacableness and his sadism, his Power of seduction, respect or fear of all Christ toward his designs, his final cornering have been portrayed lately to dizziness in movies and television series. There is an overdose of information and fiction about its sinister figure and its significance in history of Colombia and worldwide distribution of greedy and indestructible white substance. That I remember I have talked about Escobar with better or worse language in forgettable series Escobar, pattern of evil, in very acceptable narcos, in attractive film Blow and insignificant Escobar: Paradise Lost. Also documentaries. And I'm sure re's more. In addition to huge and already cansinos portraits of Mexican, Bolivian, Colombian cartel heads. And lately also Galician, because because of logic lavish and endless business has been, is and will be universal. Well, I imagine Escobar's and Winston Churchill's fashion is profitable, but it can end in saturation.

And it doesn't matter subject, it's ir treatment. I agree. My problem with Loving Paul is not already abusive déjà vu with character and argument, but disappoints my expectations. It is a film that I see well, correctly narrated, in which I do not look at clock, and I hear worse. Not because of quality of his dialogues but for his understandable filming in English, but also anachronistic for ear, listening to language of Shakespeare with fierce Colombian accent. Sounds weird.

And it does not disappoint Javier Bardem's hard and remarkable work, that immense luxury of national interpretation (such as José Isbert and Fernán Gómez) and international. and Penelope Cruz exhibits credibility, anguish, beauty and sensuality. I know that in this whooping time it is dangerous to cite last two attributes, but evidence will absolve me.


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