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More than 700 women reveal sexual assaults in Swedish opera

Hundreds of interpreters share their testimonies to denounce the culture of impunity in the country's operatic world

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More than 700 women reveal sexual assaults in Swedish opera

The global campaign to denounce sexual harassment under hashtag metoo has exploded as a bomb in heart of Swedish society and more specifically in world of culture. Last week 220 actresses denounced in an event held in a central atre of Stockholm to a sector covering cases of abuses. Soon after and inspired by his example, more than 700 women opera singers have raised ir voices in a Facebook group to denounce sexual assaults committed in a world where law of silence has prevailed for years.

"I was still studying at high School of Opera," says one of affected. "He was a reputed singer who had just been a guest conductor at school." "We acted toger in an evening and at end I sat on his knees, put his hand under my skirt and made his way into my panties as I kissed Force." So crude are testimonies shared by hundreds of opera singers in a private space of Facebook to denounce culture of impunity in world of opera and culture in general. Given impulse that was taking initiative, soon after y armed mselves with courage and contacted newspaper Dagens Nyheter, which published a selection of testimonies a few days later.

Maja Frydén, a 30-year-old soprano who currently sings at Royal Opera in Stockholm, was main driver of this group. Initially in same one re were only friends and acquaintances but soon joined hundreds more. "Now are all our Stars of opera." From young people to retired seniors, "he said.

For Sweden, a country that has made a flag of equality for years and where debate on gender issues is deeply rooted in everyday life, se revelations have fallen like a jug of cold water, remembering that one thing is ory and anor very different is P Ráctica in day to day. Especially in a world, that of culture, which has been pampered and cared for from state to rub elitism.

"In Sweden re are a lot of great things for equality such as a shared maternity drop," explains soprano. "But in our sector re is a major problem and we are autonomous in a vast majority." There is a culture of silence where re is fear of being problematic. This makes if a recognized director is exceeded is not easy to oppose because you are afraid to affect you in future, he explains. "And yes, re have always been rumors." Are you going to work with this person? "Be careful."

Precisely in epicenter of state support for culture has been uncovered anor great scandal of abuse around a relevant figure close to Svenska Akademien, institution that among or duties is responsible for selecting winners of prize Nobel literature every year. On 21 November 18 women accused this person of multiple cases of sexual harassment and rape committed against young girls between 1996 and this fall. Its exact identity remains anonymous but, according to main Swedish newspapers, it would be a well-known personality with a lot of power in world of culture.

Kulturprofilen, as it was called in media, was responsible since 1989 of an exclusive private club of cultural character located in a central basement of city. In this club, frequented by many writers and artists, defendant organized evenings with literary recitals, atre, concerts of all kinds and garings, always with financial support of Swedish Academy and or institutions. It was place to be allowed to see anyone who aspired to make contacts and thrive in culture with capital letters. His manager had a great capacity for influence, having even been invested as a first-class gentleman by Minister of Culture, Alice Bah Kuhnke. He has now been banned from upcoming Nobel gala by organization.

Two days after case was uncovered institution broke all relationship with alleged predator, as well as froze all subsidies that club has been receiving throughout years of Department of State Culture, institution of support for music Musikverket and even city of Stockholm. It is case that several of sexual assaults took place in apartments that Swedish Academy itself possesses in Paris and in Gamla Stan, beautiful historical center of Stockholm. A city where housing is virtually inaccessible to a large majority of young people.


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