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Neglect of scandal in the death in Sri Lanka!

A 3-day intern on a ship named ' Gas Cat ', which carries liquefied ammonia gas from Iran to Panama, allegedly lost his life as a result of electric shock...

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Neglect of scandal in the death in Sri Lanka!
Neglect of scandal in death in Sri Lanka! Ahmed Alim Diver Life News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 22:01 from Iran to Panama with liquefied ammonia gas ' gas Cat ' named gem As a 3-day intern, 24-year-old evidence that lost his life as a result of electrocution allegedly revealed scandal allegations about Aslan's death. Far Mehmet Cemal Aslan and cousin Nevruz Ozhan's statement to SABAH, immediately after death of evidence that re is no death report in Sri Lanka, not prosecutor, a soldier, a medical staff and a photojournalist is shooting increasingly, Then he said he took funeral wrapped in a bag to shore with a boat.

Allegedly happened on morning of September 30th. On board yet as a 3-day electrical-electronics engineer, evidence of internship, Aslan, died of electric shock. The ship, which was near Sri Lanka during his death, according to Far Mehmet Cemal Aslan and cousin Nevruz Ozhan, said that only one soldier, a medical staff and a photojournalist, took funeral to shore with a boat.

Far Mehmet Cemal Aslan and relatives who learned story of his son's death on evening of that day went to Sri Lanka immediately. The Far Lion told story; "While company should provide information to consulate of Turkey in Sri Lanka, we have given this information to ourselves by calling consulate. Even name of hospital where my son's funeral was located in Sri Lanka, we learned in line with information provided by news agencies that reported incident in Sri Lanka. After conflicting and delayed information given to us by company's employees, we decided to go to Sri Lanka. When we got to Colombo yesterday afternoon, we first interviewed consular and embassy staff. This was a major forensic event, and first trial in Sri Lanka was held on October 2, 2017, with consular intervention. The second trial will be done today.

"His finger is broken and re are explosions in his body."

The company told us that our son lost his life by having a heart attack as a result of low-volt shock. But today, with my two nephews, when we went to morgue to see funeral, we found out that your finger was broken and that re were a few places in your body. As a result of moaning of my nephew, who is a occupational safety expert and who worked as an expert in courts in business accidents, we are not sure death is a low voltage. The company left funeral of our son in a country we never knew, and did not comply with any procedures, nor did he have a funeral. Our son's funeral was brought to Colombo from town of Hambantota, a region where he lost his life by hugging in a fashion that is not seen anywhere and is not befitting a funeral. When court concludes, if procedures are not prolonged, we will depart to Istanbul with our funeral, "he said.

The crime scene is not examined!

Evidence concerning scandal involving lion's cousin Nevruz Özhan; "I have been told that my cousin is language of alleged engineer who saw moment of death and cannot speak. A man who did not attend trial and was left behind after trial, ship that went to India. No information was even given to consulate after incident. We gave information. They have not contacted engineer who witnessed death of evidence. We have learned that after my cousin's death, no Death report has been edited. No investigation into crime scene. Instead of a prosecutor, only one soldier, one medical staff and a photojournalist, took a photo and took funeral to shore by taking boat. We have been victimized by company here, "he said.

Also in normal conditions for funeral expected to be brought to Istanbul on morning of October 5th, Nevruz Özhan far Mehmet Cemal Aslan, who complained about slow processing of proceedings and said that y were victimized.


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