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Netflix rolls A documentary about the election campaign in Catalonia

Gerardo Olivares and Álvaro Longoria direct an exclusive film for the platform for which they are interviewing politicians and activists and showing the current political and social

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Netflix rolls A documentary about the election campaign in Catalonia

Netflix is filming a documentary about election campaign in Catalonia and procés. For a few days, directors Gerardo Olivares and Álvaro Longoria are interviewing politicians, activists and all kinds of personalities from various Catalan contemporary ideologies to form a documentary that reflects different views of The events. The cameras are also following candidates to kitchen of ir campaigns, in internal meetings with ir closest candidates. The idea is that through contest can be traced not only a drawing of Catalan politics and procés, but also reflect how to live in street today. This Netfix project reflects interest that current situation in Catalonia has aroused in world.

The digital platform has clarified country that it is an exclusive but not original Netflix documentary: They will make it available to ir customers, but y do not produce it. In Spain Netflix has produced like original series ( girls of cable, and in preparation have elite and second season of Paquita Salas) and films (7 years and faith of ETA). The platform ensures that it still has no release date of documentary, but try to premiere as soon as possible, always depending on when inauguration process of new president of Generalitat.

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For Gerardo Olivares This is his first political documentary, but has extensive experience as a director of both nature documentaries and feature films: It is only Spaniard who has won Golden spike of Seminci – with 14 kilometres-and has also Made between wolves, brors of Wind or lighthouse of orcas. Although he is best known in industry for his work as a producer, Álvaro Longoria is filmmaker of documentaries Propaganda Game – which can now be seen on Netflix, on his visit to North Korea-and children of clouds, last colony, on Sahara. Rafael Portela produces documentary with Longoria and Olivares. Portela has been behind films like all women, best of Eve or next skin.

Netflix has already produced a successful European policy documentary: Macron: The road to Victory, which was released weeks after, after its dazzling political ascent, Emmanuel Macron became youngest president in history of France. The great reference in this genre is Barack Obama: path to Change (2009), in which Amy Rice and Alicia Sams captured 19 months of Obama's campaign, since he was only a senator until his arrival in US presidency, and was bought and released by HBO. Finally in Spain last year Fernando León premiered policy, instruction manual, which summed 400 hours filmed in almost two years of follow-up to We can and its leaders.

According to data provided by Netflix, 86% of subscribers have seen at least one documentary on ir website since y were paid (according to estimates of economic journals, platform could end year with 115,540,000 subscribers worldwide). In world, most viewed have been those related to real crimes, nature and cultural issues. In Spain, most successful genres are enrolled in genres of science and nature and social ones. The company won $129,590,000 between June and September, much higher than 51,570,000 that it won in same quarter of 2016. In Spain, according to semi-annual panel of households of CNMC, Netflix has redoubled its number of subscribers and in November exceeded million subscribers.

Last April, vice president of documentaries and original comedies Lisa Nishimura assured country about its possible production of documentaries: "We are studying a couple of projects, nothing specific that can count for moment." For first time, we already have more international subscribers than Americans. Our initiative of original documentaries from very beginning welcomes storytellers of very diverse histories. Our first foreign documentary was not in English and I am proud of that, because it establishes basis that it is important to support filmmakers from all over world with different funds that can tell ir stories. "And that's something we're going to continue to do, including Spain."

Netflix's best-known documentary series Are Making a murderer, Cuba Libre Story, Abstract: The Art of Design, chef Table or keepers. And it has a long catalogue of political documentaries. In addition to Macron: The road to victory, highlight me with Roger Stone, on rise and fall of most influential advisor of Donald Trump, and Weimer, on campaign of congressman Anthony Weiner for mayor of new York and sexual scandals that destroyed Their political ambitions.


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