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New allegations to Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment and abuse, including those of two minors

Variety and Hollywood Reporter collect testimonies such as Cori Thomas, friend of the actor's daughter, who tells that she exhibited nude before her when she was 16 years old

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New allegations to Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment and abuse, including those of two minors

The accusations to Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassment or abuse multiply. The Variety and Hollywood Reporter published this Thursday new stories of several women, including that of a teenager who was 16 years old, and was a friend of actor's daughter, when facts allegedly occurred. A few days ago, Hoffman had publicly admitted to having groped a minor during a filming in 1985, but justified it by reigning atmosphere of time. The protagonist of Tootsie is one of most famous names marked in this wave of allegations against harassment that United States has been living for a few months, known as movement Me too. Hoffman's attorney, Mark A. Neubauer, described new accusations of "defamatory falsehoods."

Cori Thomas has told that Hoffman was shown naked in 1980, when she went to high school with her daughter in new York: to United Nations International School. According to Thomas ' account, picked up by Variety, three had spent a Sunday afternoon toger in city. "It had been one of best days of my life," says now adult. At end of day, actor, who was divorcing at time and residing temporarily in a hotel, proposed to go to room to wait for his far-Ambassador of Liberia to UN-to pick her up. Once re, Karina, Hoffman's daughter, went home and star was left alone with friend. Then Hoffman was supposed to take a shower and, upon returning to room, dropped towel in which he had wrapped himself. "Collapsed, it was first time I ever saw a naked man," he says, "he wouldn't stop saying, ' I'm naked, don't you want to see?"

Anor woman, named Melissa Kester, says she met star in 1987 because her boyfriend at that time worked in music of movie Ishtar. Once, when she visited m in recording studio, Hoffman allegedly assaulted her. They were in a booth when "all of a sudden, he stuck his toes under my panties," says Kester, "he introduced his fingers into me." "The worst thing is that I didn't know what to do, I just stood re, frozen to situation, saying," My God, what's going on? "

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Hollywood Reporter also collects testimony of Pauline, who omits her surname. He says that in 1973, when he was 15 years old, he met actor because he helped his mor in a clothing store in Manhattan that he used to go to. Once, she invited her to a premiere with her twin sister. In a second invitation was alone and, in end, Hoffman allegedly encouraged her to go up to her house to see puppy he had just given to his daughter Karina. Once alone, Pauline says that he masturbated and ejaculated in front of her.

These accounts are added to those of Kathryn Rossetter, Anna Graham Hunter and Wendy Riss Gatsiounis, who had already publicly denounced alleged aggression or harassment by actor.


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