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New York sues the Weinstein company and its managers to allow sexual abuse

The legal action of Eric Schneiderman leaves in suspense the negotiation to close the sale of the Hollywood producer

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New York sues the Weinstein company and its managers to allow sexual abuse

New York state Attorney, Eric Schneiderman, is charged with a lawsuit against producer Harvey Weinstein, his bror Robert and board of Directors of Weinstein company for creating a working environment that blatantly violates rights Civil. The demand is announced just when y should resume negotiations for sale of society, which has been aimlessly for months.

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The New York D.A. 's office started his investigation four months ago. In lawsuit ensures that current legislation was repeatedly violated and that both executives and members of Board of Directors endangered employees of producer, because y failed to protect m from abusive behavior, Intimidating and discriminatory of Harvey Weinstein.

The allegations presented by Schneiderman are extensive in exposing how Harvey Weinstein "abused and ruthlessly exploited" company's employees during time he served as chief executive officer. They are based on interviews with employees, executives and survivors of sexual harassment of founder of producer. All emails and records were also thoroughly examined.

Weinstein, who was first accused in October of sexual assault, used a threatening language with his surroundings and with which he tried to show how far he was willing to take power to get what he was looking for. He also said that he had a group of employees who accompanied him to all events with mission of facilitating "ir sexual conquests" and that taught attendants how "y had to dress and perfume mselves to be more attractive."

This group of assistants organized, in turn, producer's agenda so that he had free time to carry out his sexual activities. It also cites a group of higher level that was in charge of offering opportunities to actresses so that y could advance in ir careers if y responded to claims of Weinstein. The prosecution claims that drivers should always carry condoms and injections against boss's erectile dysfunction.

The lawsuit cites a case of abuse of an employee dating from 2015, who was denounced to Department of Human Resources and Council but was never investigated by company. That's why you accuse him of not doing anything to stop him from repeating. "The culture of harassment and intimidation was obscured by secrecy due to Weinstein's practices and his signature of securing silences through confidentiality agreements," he adds.

BREAKING: My office just filed a civil rights lawsuit against Weinstein Company. Any sale of company must ensure victims are adequatelyly compensated, employees are protected, and that enable of sexual misconduct will not be unjustly enrich.

— Eric Schneiderman (@AGSchneiderman) February 11, 2018

Each violation of legislation exposed in lawsuit is sanctioned with up to 250,000 dollars. Schneiderman seeks with demand, in addition, that victims of abuses of Weinstein are duly compensated and protected. It also refers to sales process of company, indicating that demand is to prevent managers who allowed se abusive acts will not be able to take advantage of operation.

The study has since last Christmas in talks to sell to a group of investors who leads Maria Contreras-Sweet, an old official of administration of Barack Obama. He had offered 500 million, 000 dollars to take control of Hollywood producer and his intention was to form a council integrated only by women. The lawsuit now leaves everything in suspense.


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