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Olivia de Havilland against fiction

The denunciation of the actress of what the wind took to Feud is an attack against the biographical histories

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Olivia de Havilland against fiction

Olivia de Havilland is almost 102 years old and very eager to give war. And we're all glad. If a myth of classic cinema decides to put a complaint against a series as a vindication of its life, it is instinctive to support its crusade. Bravo for a woman treated unfairly!, we'll scream. But without getting excited... If he won, his fight could set a complicated precedent in creative freedom.

These are arguments. The actress of what wind took and heiress has brought to courts series Feud of Ryan Murphy, on enmity of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, claiming that what happens re is not real. Who never gave an interview about m and did not call her sister Joan Fontaine "Fox", whose dysfunctional relationship would give for anor season. He believes that a reputation earned with "honesty, integrity and good manners" has been put into play, says The New York Times. And although his character, played by Carine Zeta-Jones, is secondary, he criticizes that no one called her. Does that give you right to denounce a piece of fiction?

If all protagonists of a biopic had to contribute ir version, not only would not go ahead most but those who did would be official stories in first person, with bias and need to look good that implies. Dull and white. Elizabeth II had never given green light to Crown and her insinuated skirt troubles and Nixon could have censured any unproven doubt poured out on him in all President's men. Many of Oscar nominees (this year Pentagon archives and darkest instant were biopics) would not pass cut. Even Mozart could wake up from his lethargy to claim that he was never so rude against Salieri as Amadeus shows.

We must aspire to think that audience is intelligent and has enough audiovisual baggage to understand that works are a ficcionalizada version of facts. The screenwriter did not share an alcove with those involved, but his human history transcends laws of reality. The films have right to give a speech and position mselves and y need a narrative rhythm to structure ir history, far from boring life. I look forward to Feud season on combat Havilland vs. Murphy.


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