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Ondas Awards 2017 for Àngels Barceló, ' I know who you are ' and Alejandro Sanz

The awards also recognize the work of the information services of the stations in Catalonia for the attacks in Catalonia in August.

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Ondas Awards 2017 for Àngels Barceló, ' I know who you are ' and Alejandro Sanz

The Ondas Awards have recognized in its 64 edition informative reaction of Catalan broadcasters during August attacks in Catalonia. The failure of awards, that give group PRISA through Radio Barcelona of Cadena Ser, recognizes work carried out by newsrooms of Catalunya Radio, Rac 1, Ser Catalunya, RNE, Cope and Onda Cero in a collective award "extendable to all stations of RAD "Localities that informed ir listeners with criteria of immediacy and rigour."

With more than 400 candidacies from 15 countries, airwaves have awarded 21 international and national awards to highlights of year in radio, television, advertising and music.

Among winners this year are Àngels Barceló, director of Hora 25 of Cadena Ser, as best presenter of Radio spoken. "I am very glad." It's about time, because I had picked up some special events and programs on television, but none that was just for me, says reporter.

The television awards have recognized suspense series I know who you are (Telecinco). "It's a project I've been very much in love with," says country's creator, Pau Freixas. "Recognition in form of awards is what you least expect and what more enthusiasm does, because you have series apart and it is like certification that that was well done," he adds. For first time, Waves award a series broadcast on an online platform, cable girls, from Netflix. "We are delighted with award because we believe that series will be all over Internet and we think it is medium in which most of best series are emitted," says Ramon Campos, a producer of fiction.

Blanca Suárez, for what y hid his eyes, and Javier Gutiérrez, for I am alive, have received awards for his performances, while best presenters have been ex aequo Xabier fortes and Josep Cuní. "The truth is that I feel more than satisfied, excited," said Cuní. "It is a wave for a long-haul work, in this case for six years in front of 8aldia, and in some way I interpret it as a recognition to a trajectory," reports Blanca Cía. For his part, Marsha Griso is first woman to receive this recognition on two occasions. Here Earth (1) and Ochéntame again: The Olympic Dream ( 1) have also been awarded.

In sections of radio, Isabel Gemio has been distinguished by her professional career, while Virginia Díaz, director and presenter of Radio 3 program 180 º, has been awarded as best presenter of a musical radio program. The jury also wanted to recognize figure of radio director with a special mention. "They guarantee that 23 million people can listen to radio every day in Spain," said jury.

As for musical sections, Alejandro Sanz has won Artist of Year award. The jury has highlighted " impact and overall strength of concert more, which celebrated 20 years of more, album of a Spanish artist who has sold more copies in History of music". "An artist does not make songs or discs thinking of prizes, I always say, but y give a lot of joy." I am very happy because waves is a recognition that gives you people of radio, media. And I want to thank and dedicate my people, my audience that has made it possible that project, is, is what it has been, ' said artist to country.

The syrup group of Palo, led by Pau Donés, has been recognized with award for whole trajectory. The jury has highlighted " facet of composer of Donés, as well as his numerous collaborations with artists of all styles". The sonar Festival has won award for best musical performance or concert for its "multidisciplinary character of event and its continuous ability to reinvent itself". The jury's special mentions have been for island's shrimp, on 25th anniversary of his death and for Carlos Vives.

Palmares de los Ondas 2017 National Waves Awards

RADIO Advertising

Best Radio Campaign

Conscience. Flex. Mrs. Rushmore.

Best Radio Agency


Award for best information treatment

Informative services of radio stations in Catalonia for coverage of attacks in August.

Best Presenter or Music radio program

Virginia Díaz, director of 180 º of RADIO3.

Award for best program, radio or Radiophonic Online broadcast platform

Ultraviolet catastrophe, by Javier Peláez, Javi Álvarez and Antonio Martínez Ron.

Jury special mention

The figure of radio Realizer.

International Waves Awards


Award for Best program, company or professional Radio

De guerre en fils (guns in family). Arte France (France).

Jury special mention

Bis die araber Klen bei Geben-Europes vergessener Krieg im Maghreb (until Arabs surrender- forgotten European war in Maghreb.)

Westdeutscherundfunk (ARD) (Germany).

International Waves Awards


Award for Best program, company or television professional

Die letzten Manner von Aleppo ( last men of Aleppo) Südwestrundfunk (Germany).

National Waves Awards


Best Presenter or radio program

Àngels Barceló, Director Hora 25 of Cadena ser.

Award to trajectory

Isabel Gemio.

National Waves Awards


Best Entertainment Program

Here Earth (RTVE).

Best news program or special coverage

Ochéntame again: The Olympic Dream (RTVE).

Best Presenter (EX AEQUO)

Josep Cuní

Best Presenter (EX AEQUO)

Xabier Fortes.

Best Presenter

Gray Susanna.

Best Spanish Series

I know who you are (Telecinco).

Best Male interpreter in fiction

Javier Gutiérrez for I'm alive.

Best Female interpreter in fiction

Blanca Suarez for what y hid ir eyes.

Best Serial interpreter issued by non-national broadcasters or chains

Josep María Pou by Nit i Dia (TV3).

Best Fiction webseries or online broadcast program

The Cable Girls (Netflix).

National Waves Awards


Award to trajectory

Stick syrup.

Artist of Year award

Alejandro Sanz.

Best Musical Show or concert

Sonar Festival.

Jury special mention

Island shrimp, legend of flamenco.

Jury special mention

Carlos Vives.


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