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Orson Welles and José Mujica sneak into the stars of the Venice festival

Cuarón, the Coens, Lanthimos, Guadagnino or Leigh will compete for the Golden Lion. Only one director will be in the main contest, where the Spanish cinema is missing again

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Orson Welles and José Mujica sneak into the stars of the Venice festival

Among great filmmakers that Venice Festival will host this year, re is one that occupies a higher category: that of myth. The Mostra will premiere, out of competition, unfinished film of Orson Welles, on or side of wind, which legendary director filmed between 1972 and 1976 but never finished. It will be at last, after 40 years of failed attempts, produced by Colossus of streaming Netflix, anor major protagonist of contest. It summarizes thus mixture of past and future that seeks 75 ª edition, which in its official competition will host new works of brors Joel and Ethan Coen, Yorgos Lanthimos, Mike Leigh, Luca Guadagnino, Olivier Assayas or Paul Greengrass. The festival starts on August 29 with first man, new film by Damien Chazelle, author of La Land, on life of Neil Armstrong, astronaut who stepped on moon in 1979.

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The contest keeps its usual bet on Latin American cinema, with Rome, return of Mexican Alfonso Cuarón to five years of triumph of gravity, and our time, strange film of Mexican also Carlos Reygadas, starring himself and his wife in his Own Hacienda. He will also opt for gold lion accused, of Argentinean Gonzalo Tobal. At same time, two more constants are repeated: only one director among 21 films in contest — Australian Jennifer Kent, author of Babadook, who presents Nightingale — and absolute absence of Spanish cinema. At least, in Horizons section, Antonio de la Torre plays José Mujica in 12-year-old night, where Uruguayan Álvaro Brechner recreates long imprisonment suffered by former President of Uruguay and or guerrillas of Tupamaro. Mujica will be seen in Lido by triple: Also by documentary El Pepe, A supreme life, by Emir Kusturica, and because it is confirmed his presence in festival.

The Coens will present Wéstern Ballad of Buster Scruggs, same genre of Sisters brors, of Frenchman Jacques Audiard, on two brors Cowboys played by Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal, also included in competition. The Greek Lanthimos face in Favourite convulsed reign of Anne of Great Britain, between seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The British Leigh has filmed in Peterloo Massacre massacre in Manchester in 1819, and Guadagnino, after success of Call Me By Your Name, launches a remake of Suspiria, horror film by Dario Argento. Greengrass portrays in 22 July anor tragedy: The assassination of 69 young people on Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011 by Nazi Anders Behring Breivik. Lighter, instead, is bet of Assayas: with comedy doubles Vies it faces relations of couple and consequences of digital revolution in society.

The moviegoers await return of Laszlo Nimes, who with his debut, Saul's son, shook world and swept Oscars. At Sunset, Hungarian filmmaker portrays Budapest of 1913, n one of cultural capitals of Europe. They complete competition filmmakers less accustomed to spotlights: Americans Brady Corbet, with Vox Lux, and Julian Schnabel, with at Eternity's Gate, a voyage in mind of Vincent Van Gogh; The German Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck, with Opera Senza Autore, on Germany since Nazism until seventy; The Frenchman David Oelhoffen, with Frères Ennemis; The Japanese Shinya Tsukamoto, with killing, centered on a samurai unable to kill; The Italians Mario Martone, with Capri, Revolution and Roberto Minervini, with documentary What you Gonna Do When world's on Fire, which analyses racism in USA. Perhaps least famous of competition is Rick Alverson, with his The Mountain. "I didn't know him," admitted Alberto Barbera.

The director of Mostra detected two tendencies in official competition: many films of genre and "lengthy". "Get prepared," he told public and press. Out of race for Golden Lion, which will solve a jury presided over by Guillermo del Toro, Venice will offer usual tide of fascinating projects: among ors, premiere of series The Super Friend of HBO, based on books of Elena Ferrante; A remake of Is Born a star, with which Bradley Cooper opens in direction and Lady Gaga is put before camera; The new films by Argentines Gastón Duprat (my masterpiece) and Pablo ( stillness), or first montage of Tree of Life, by Terrence Malick, which lasts 180 minutes.

There will be many works by Netflix — it also produces Rome and ballad of Buster Scruggs — to which Venice opens its doors even more precisely in year that Cannes excluded it from its competition; A virtual reality section open to public and films coming from Indonesia, Tibet or Kazakhstan. Although it will not be Beach Bum, of Harmony Korine, with Maty McConaughey, absence that more afflicts to Barbera.

The director and Paolo Baratta, president of Venice Biennale, defended in a press conference that his job is to choose films regardless of genre of his creator. They stressed that in whole contest re is a "fortnight" of filmmakers, although y recognized that, if only a "33%" of 3,500 works presented for selection is directed by women, "obviously a problem exists." Less seriously, question was taken about possible implementation of a telephone number to denounce eventual harassment, as did Cannes. "During festival was published in press that nobody called, that maybe not working", Rio Barbera, and with him a few of those present. The method has conquered half world but, for now, it does not seem to have reached Lido of Venice.

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