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Our hope of life Turkey

300 people killed in Somalia in the bombing of Turkey in the attack of the injured 35 person, sent an ambulance plane to Ankara Turkey...

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Our hope of life Turkey
Our hope of life Turkey safure Cantürk Life News Date of entry: 18.10.2017 The bombing of Turkey in Somalia killed 300 people, injured 35 people in attack, sent to Ankara to get an ambulance plane Iren Turkey again took prayer of millions of Mazlme in Somalia after bloodiest terror attack in history of United Nations to scene of Turkey, Somalia He's built a throne to his heart. 300 people lost ir lives and hundreds of injured in wake of explosion immediately following 10 tons of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and health care team of 33 people to capital of Mogadishu, health Minister Ahmet Demirman, situation serious 35 wounded and relatives by plane ambulance Brought to Turkey. Returning from Somalia at night, Minister Demirkan visited hospital in morning and received information about treatment of individual patients. Somali wounded and companions who were treated at Ankara Numune Hospital told SABAH about ir feelings. The body of Hamforehead burned Başirda Pahir, who was treated at Numune hospital, is one of heavy injuries. 33-year-old Başirda, when he was a porter, explosion burned most of his body. As a companion, his sister, Rukiye Muhammed, said, "My bror's condition was very heavy. Without Turkey, we would have lost him in Somalia. Turkey was hope of life, "he said. ' God bless ' 53-year-old Aves Ali Muhammad is one of survivors of hotel where hundreds of people died from explosion. "All my friends sitting next to me have died. Without Turkey, we couldn't get out of that wreck. Turkey is always next to Somalia. God bless Turkish people and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "he said. Health Minister Ahmet Demirar, "Sample hospital 8 injured under treatment. 3 of Atatürk Education and Research Hospital, one of external door Children's Hospital, 2 again at foreign door Education Research Hospital and 3 at GATA, 18, Polatlı State Hospital, treatments are being done, "he said. ' Somali people Your only friend Halil Ismail, nephew of Muhammad Abdullah Osman, who was severely injured in explosion and treated in intensive care, said, "The exploding hotel has barely taken my uncle out of wreckage. First, Recep Tayyip Erdogan was treated at hospital. When he was removed from wreckage, he was just breathing, re was no hope of survival. When I see Turkey coming for help, n my uncle feels good. If re was a chance of survival, it could only be due to Turkey. Now chance of survival is 50 percent. This is a great hope for us. He said thank you to every single member of Turkish people. " His uncle is in a coma, Nur Mohammed siad, "My uncle was re at time of explosion. She's in a coma, still in her head. There was a big disaster. Turkey, UN, came to us before whole world. In world, we have seen that Somali people are not more friendly than Turkey. Turkish physicians flew in night, helped wounded for hours, even Minister of Health was always re for us. No matter how much we thank you, "he said. Health Minister Demirin: Turkey made its own "Turkey was a great country as a big one," health Minister Ahmet Demirar said after visiting wounded in Ankara Numune hospital. Turkey is a big nation that feels his pain in foot of oppressed. Our esteemed president and Prime Minister's orders were immediately mobilized. When we got to Somalia, we saw no one else on field except us. Turkey has done its part over re since beginning. Because of explosion 5 kilometers on or side of Turkey, and toger with Turkey in Somalia's co-operated Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital, our doctor friends have done necessary interventions, "he said.


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