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' Out of coverage ', when reality looks like a movie script

Cuatro premieres on Thursday, October 19, the second season of the research Reporting program.

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' Out of coverage ', when reality looks like a movie script

The journalist Alejandra Andrade is visible face of stories that count in program out of coverage, which this Thursday premieres its second season in four (22.45). But behind each report has a large team of writing and production that make it possible for each week to show spectator stories such as Juana, a woman who travels to Peru to try to find out what conditions her son died in one of most prisons P Eligrosas of world, Sarita Colonia, and who has to look for common tomb in which it was buried with help of coordinates pointed on a piece of paper.

The still complicated situation in Fukushima six years after nuclear catastrophe, how is environment of Donald Trump, connection between Colombian and Galician Narcos, Arab fortunes investing in Spain or sexual tourism of minors in Cartagena de Indias They are some of or issues that out of coverage will deal with in this new season. How has program evolved from one year to next? "You become more demanding and always looking to improve, not only when it comes to doing interviews or getting things done." "Especially with eight mes, which are so complicated to get and so eye-catching for audience," Andrade explains to EL PAÍS. "To give with a me that we like, that chain likes, that we think that viewer will like, is very difficult." With experience I have more clear what I want to achieve with each report, explains journalist.

The story with which this new release begins is that of Juana Martínez and Peruvian prison. Getting permission to enter Sarita Colonia has cost program team five months. "This issue is one more step in complaint we have made in or programs about overcrowding and human rights, because Spanish prisoners are dying in se prisons in Latin America." In Peru, nine have died in two years, says reporter. "The difficulties have not been able to record re, but to try to find out why y are dying inmates inside." The inmates we talked to were taught by officials. They were afraid to speak and were constantly under surveillance, Apuntilla. Andrade accompanies Juana in her eagerness to understand what happened to her son Luis. "This lady, who is 73 years old and three cancers, never left Spain and decides to go to Lima and see what happened." It is one of those people who comes to your soul and who communicates beautifully and is a very brave aunt. "It's a story that could be a movie script," he tops Andrade.

Alejandra Andrade on ' Out of coverage ' program on Fukushima.

One of reports this season that gets out a bit of usual line of program is dedicated to US President Donald Trump. "I loved doing it because it's something new for me." In end we always try to get into difficult places. This was nothing dangerous because we recorded it in Miami, Washington and new York, but we have been with people very, very close to Trump, "Andrade explains. In program you will see interviews with members of American president and you will see how Washington hotel that belongs to you. "It's a controversial hotel, because many of heads of State who are going to visit him stay re and that money goes to him," he explains. "We've been with people who really know him and he can tell you what he's like when cameras go out," he says.

Japan will also be an important stage this season in out of coverage, which dedicates two reports. One about oddities of present-day Japanese society and most bizarre Tokyo and anor about how six years after Fukushima disaster all remains uncertain in that region. "Regardless of danger of radiation, in end what you see is a devastated area where thousands of people have been left with nothing, lost ir lives, lost ir homes and cannot return," says journalist. "It's a complicated story, because Japanese have a lot of respect for Government and it costs a lot to talk." There is a lack of transparency and a lack of information about what is really going on. I think Fukushima marks a before and after in Japan, because Japanese now dare to question government, although those who speak are activists, who are very little, says Andrade.

Issues that resist

To take out each year eight reports on, team out of coverage decks more than twenty topics. Sometimes it takes months to get ahead and sometimes y go down road. After dealing with issues such as drug trafficking, labor exploitation, mass rapes in a country like Egypt, situation of prisons in middle of world, or lack of information after a nuclear disaster, what has been left unable to do or has cost a lot? "Last year I was very eager to interview Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela, for example." We tried, but nothing. This year ideal would have been to talk to Donald Trump for his report, "confesses Alejandra Andrade. "Every story is a world." This year's Galicia drug trafficking was two years behind it. In end, based on contacts, we have also agreed to Colombian partners. It impresses story and demonstrates how it works inside se networks.


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