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Paco León travels with Ava Gardner to Madrid in black and white 1961

The actor directs, produces, writes and stars comedy Burns Madrid for Movistar

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Paco León travels with Ava Gardner to Madrid in black and white 1961

"Behind every historical moment, re's always someone making beds." Thus sold Paco León and his wife, Anna R. Costa, series Burns Madrid to Movistar . This is a project that comes from behind. "We have been around for almost five years," explained actor and director in presentation to press of a project that will finally begin to become a reality when filming starts next January 15 and whose premiere on television platform Telefónica It is scheduled for end of 2018.

Its eight 30-minute chapters will be set in Madrid of 1961 and will have in figure of Ava Gardner its thread and a high secondary luxury. Because even though this story is going to pass General Perón, Charlton Heston, Aline Griffith or Gardner himself, in fact protagonism will be in domestic service of who was described as " most beautiful animal in world." Inma Cuesta, Anna Castillo, Julián Villagrán and Paco León will give life to those servants who star in this realistic comedy for which ir authors have been thoroughly documented with intention of recreating that Francoist Spain that so contrasted with extreme freedom of Someone like Ava Gardner.

"We wanted to do high comedy, but not only in terms of glamour, a real glamour, not corseted, but also high comedy in matic ambition," says León on which will be his first series as creator. "That comedy is not only to make laughter, but to serve to tell things of many orders: dictatorship, sexual illiteracy, different ways of seeing life, feminism ...", he adds.

In addition, Arden Madrid will be first series of a payment platform in Spain shot in black and white. "pay-TV has blurred boundaries between television and cinema, in formats, duration, matic ..." "But re was a limit that nobody had dared to cross yet," explains actor, who at Arden Madrid will also serve as director, scriptwriter and producer.

As Paco Léon says, intent of his series is not to be a biopic of Ava Gardner, although his presence in Madrid, where he resided for almost 15 years (and where, in fact, became neighbor of top of General Perón, exiled in Madrid), is thread lead of plot. It will even recreate some real fact like baptism of Antonio Flores, to which Gardner was invited, or death of Ernest Hemingway. There will be many rumors and urban legends about sprees that lived in Spain Gardner. It has not yet been announced who will give life to actress, but will be an American interpreter to keep as much as possible realism of this comedy, according to ir creators.

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