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Pardon of a ' garcigrande ' and apotheosis of the Juli

The bullfighter Madrid cut four ears and went out for the fifth time by the door of the Prince

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Pardon of a ' garcigrande ' and apotheosis of the Juli
Garcigrande/Ponce, El Juli, Talavante

Bulls of Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández, badly presented-first and second, Anovillados-, mansurrones, soft and very noble. The fifth, of exceptional quality on crutch, was pardoned. Enrique Ponce: Deep prick and five hairs (silence); Lunge (EAR). Juli: rear thrust (two ears); (two symbolic ears). Alejandro Talavante: Prick and almost whole lying (silence); Four punctures, half drop — warning — and two hairs (silence). Plaza de la Maestranza. April Fair Seventh bullfight. April 16th. Full.

The Maestranza Square has relived immense joy of pardon of a bull. The tenders filled with joy, happiness and emotion, because that means that an animal earns a living in ring. And afternoon was apoosis for Juli, who deployed a waste of power, technique and good taste, and reached deserved triumph of Prince's Gate, fifth of his career.

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Appeased spirits after ecstasy lived in tenders, question arises alone: What did Orgullito, number 35, black slat, of 528 kilos, of stockbreeding of Garcigrande, for president to take out orange handkerchief?

For Orgullito was a magnificent modern bull, very fair of Trapío, who came initially to cloak without greed, made a very unequal fight in rods (in first Puyazo pushed with a single python and only received a Picotacito in second), rammed with length in a good Remove by Veronicas from Juli, and was discovered on crutch like a bull with extraordinary class, depth, repetition, humiliation and fixity; And something else: it was less to more, and ended after a very long task with deeper and more exciting onslaughts. In short, a huge bull for crutch that was also found with a bullfighter in full and between m kneaded a task that dazzled public and President.

Orgullito should not have been pardoned because he did not demonstrate his bravery on horse; But since first third is in process of disappearance, no one (nor authority, and that is worst) has already considered it. What is more, it could be said that sentence of his disappearance has just been signed after pardon of bull of Garcigrande. It was a bull back in ring.

And Juli? He is a powerful bullfighter, who dominates as few craft and technique of bullfighting. It amoldó perfectly to conditions of bull, mechanic and took off his bullfighting at beginning of task of crutch, and increasingly bound and deep as animal broke in its exquisite quality. A task essentially with right hand, in long batches, to thread of python almost always, but drenched of aroma. Just an attempt for natural vains and a double circular that provoked enthusiasm. Some final helpers, with cheerful and greedy Orgullito still, convinced president. Moments before, one removes Veronica, of three Capotazos Hondos and a good half preludiaron subsequent success. Conclusion: Orgullito was a nobilílismo bull, but not combative, demanding, powerful and encasted. That animal's gone.

This is fundamental reason why current figures demand this type of bull, ideal, too, for generous publics.

The Juli had cut two or ears to its first, Anovillado animal, Noble, a lamb, to which Juli tore with office, but without intensity or emotion. It is true, however, that he was gladly veronique, made a snug remove by Chicuelinas, and his crutch work was clean, tied and, also, out of Cacho and into Python's thread. There was no outburst, no commotion, because whole task lacked soul to put a bull in a cast and a bullfighter transfigured.

He also walked through Plaza Enrique Ponce, a little faded in his expression, which dealt first a monkey decasted, and cut his ear to room, anor noble animal and low greed. He played with him and killed him with a big lunge.

And third in discord, Talavante, did not have his day. Bland and no quality sketch was third and killed him promptly; Better sixth, with more verve, but spirit of bullfighter was on floor and did not risk an alamar. He didn't understand his opponent, or he simply didn't want to.

In two words: y are worth pardon of bull and triumph of bullfighter if y contribute to enhancement of festival of Bulls. So let's accept octopus as a companion animal.


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