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Paul Newman relented part of his salary to Susan Derandon in 1998

The actress reveals that the interpreter stepped forward when she found out that she was charging less than the co-starring men

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Paul Newman relented part of his salary to Susan Derandon in 1998
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Paul Newman (1925-2008) resigned 20 years ago part of his salary during filming of Fall of Sun (Twilight) for his co-worker Susan Derandon to charge same as him, has revealed actress in an interview with BBC Radio 5 this Thursday , International Women's Day.

"Emma Stone once told that she received same salary as her male stars because y insisted on it and gave up a part. That happened to me with Paul Newman in a moment, when I made a movie with him years ago. "

Although she has not said name of film, it can only be about fall of Sun, released in 1998 and tells story a blackmail that becomes multiple murders. But this criminal plot is just an excuse for exploring feelings of a handful of mature and splendid terminal characters who dot such deaths, a private detective, a millionaire actor and his wife: Gene Hackman, Newman and Sarandon.

According to explains, artists worked under a contract called "most-favored nation", according to which all protagonists of film must win same as actor with highest salary.

However, during production actress discovered that, although contract had characteristics described, she assumed same workload that ir co-stars and ir names appeared with same entity in poster, equal pay only He applied to his fellow men. When it was known, Newman, who was n 73, "stepped forward" and said, "Well, I'll give you part of my salary." The actress, who has not detailed amounts, has added that Newman was a "jewel" of person.

Paul Newman passed away in September 2008 after more than 60 films, nine Oscar nominations and a golden statuette, as well as a Jean Hersholt humanitarian award, also delivered by Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of United States.

A documentary about actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr (1914-2000), which is in London for promotion of his latest project, is a defender of women's rights and fight against Labour harassment, which is 71 years old. , and is part of movements Me too (I too) and Time's Up (time is over).

In opinion of "re will always be a sofa bed" in Hollywood. "I think what will disappear is unwanted sexual exchange. I think giving yourself sexually or feeling attracted to power and wanting to have sex with someone who is in power is also an option.

"We do not want to be exploited" and " Harvey Weinstein of world" take advantage of situation and force women to do what y do not want. "That's most despicable thing," he sentenced.


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