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Pearl Jam unleashes a legendary apotheosis

The group led by Eddie Vedder offers an epic performance on the first day of Mad Cool

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Pearl Jam unleashes a legendary apotheosis

We would have to eliminate all possible adjectives, make capitals disappear and bizarre, swallow a pot of tranquilizers and brea deep, as if contemplating a Martian appearance, before being able to write a single line of concert given last night By Pearl Jam at Mad Cool Festival. Done all that, re would be no choice: it would still be apoosis, legendary, mythical. Like a meteorite hitting earth.

Before tens of thousands of people, and after razed in Barcelona, Pearl Jam showed yesterday that y are of immortal lineage of rock, that formed by Neil Young or Rolling Stones, that that will last beyond our lives even if it is because without m y never Would understand word, you would never understand what mystery was that marked a before and after during a time of human history, what power had to give meaning to so many teenagers when world seemed to m a mousetrap.

It was not a simple concert, as sensed with that outburst in darkness with Release. Or it was in strictest sense of magic of live music. It was a communion with thousands of people, an impressive collective prayer led by a group that was born during last real musical earthquake that happened as grunge. They have same mythological effect as Nirvana, but ir survival makes m legends in life. It has also led m to be a long time more than grunge itself, that genre now in disuse but imposed a philosophy and aestics in service of all those people who believe in songs.

Pearl Jam are carriers of that faith, as y are of concept of band. In this time of auto-tunes and machines of all kinds, y vindicate band because y are band. The most real and overwhelming, as a way out even of a high school garage but shining like big stars in firmament. The band is sacred family of rock and roll and is vertebrate in guitars, driven in case of Pearl Jam by outstanding work of Stone Gossard and Mike McCready. As it was found in spectacular guitar recesses of Even Flow or Alive.

Against sexual harassment

In middle of performance, after playing ' Jeremy ', Eddie Vedder has directed to public in Spanish and has asked for a video to be seen by huge screens of his "Friends Javier and Luis". At that time, a video was released with actors Javier Bardem and Luis Tosa demanding respect for women.  "Even if you've been dancing toger all night, even if you've gone home toger, if you say no, it's No. If you don't say yes, you don't, "said actors. The public has broken to applaud as Vedder has sent a message to "strong women in public, who change world."

When y played Hardy or Jeremy y made it approaching each or, restless on stage, creating circles, as if it were a rite surrounded by a fire at top of a mountain and connecting its life force with some strange element of nature. It was like watching Neil Young with his Crazy horse or now with his imposing promise of Real.

Anor legend in life as Neil Young with whom Pearl Jam recorded Mirror Ball in full bloom grunge, which y owe so much and share ir own blood of crazy horses. Eddie Vedder said it last night in Spanish before giving a drink to a bottle of wine: "We love madness."

The madness of Rock. Blessed Chimera If it happens as it happened under vital and ethical prism of Pearl Jam, to which no group of last 25 years can be approached by impact and aura of timeless classic. No Arctic Monkeys, no Arcade Fire, not even Foo fighters. and Holy Madness if it was sung by Eddie Vedder, perfect illustration of charisma, at level of Bruce Springsteen, in this crackpot of chords and words. With his nasal and supplicating voice, Vedder sang giving song a deep spirit of prayer. Moving arms and fixing gaze, grabbing microphone with both hands, splitting in two if needed. As if it were his first concert, or last, he and rest of group raised ir arms and clenched ir fists when y reached ecstasy in hymns such as given to Fly, Better Man, Porch or Rearviewmirror. It was urgency of his rock a sort of war cry--how it sounded why Go in this sense--a whole attack on guts and heart, zarandeándote to remember that feeling alive happens to have something to believe in.

Believing in Pearl Jam is much better than doing it in logic. Uploaded on stage with ir instruments, y swept ir wave of romance and redemption. They were like old rogue cowboys of wild group movie when y were thrown into final shootout knowing what awaited m, but emptying for a just cause ir boots as if re were no tomorrow.

Sometimes, re's no tomorrow. Like, sometimes, re are just causes. With its heartbreaking rock, Pearl Jam pushed hard to make it understand that music, made with runaway hearts, clean of mercantile pollution, is a just cause for a more human world. It is a just cause for supporting communication between strangers, for explaining to us what has not yet been named in our existences, for breaking all our chains. Closing with thrilling rockin' in Free World by Neil Young, to cause for a long time in concert that lacked more adjectives, more capital, more bizarre and superlatives. Pearl Jam had exhausted m all. It was an apoosis of life.

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