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Period feminism

Macarena Garcia heads the quartet of women who star in the other look, the new series of TVE that takes place in a school of young ladies in Seville in the 1920s

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Period feminism
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Television reviews back, up to a century this time, to tell stories of women. The or look, a series that TVE records se days, travels to a school of young Sevillians in 1920s of last century. The four protagonists embody problems y faced before and now. Macarena García leads a cast in which she is accompanied by Ana Wagener, Cecilia Freire, Patricia López and a group of young performers who give life to students. A Club of poets dead to Spanish and in feminine still without release date.

They only have a month of filming, between real scenarios in Seville and a study of Algete (Madrid). The starting point of series is inauguration of position of Director of character of Garcia, which implies a whole generational change. "She will be judged by her age and will have to prove that she is re on her own merits," says interpreter, sitting on stairs of scenery that represents a classroom from beginning of last century. Right next door is teacher's lounge and school yard. Shortly after assuming position, comes to Seville groundbreaking Teresa, interpreted by Lopez Arnaiz, an open-minded teacher who has traveled world and arrives at school with a purpose and a secret. "My character enters like an elephant in a cacharrería and makes everyone think about beliefs that are installed on m and wher y are really satisfied with ir lives," explains López Arnaiz, who has just participated in overproduction of Movistar , Plague.

The whole series cast. Gtres

Although it is a series that takes place in anor century, creators have intentionally sought parallelisms with present with objective of generating debate. The plots have been organized so in 13 chapters, each character of actresses has prominence in three chapters with a final conclusion. García will show, for example, prejudices about maternity of women, and Freire, difficulty of conciliation. The issue of abuse will also be addressed and salary gap between teachers and new teacher who joins school will be seen. "I don't think it's a series of women and women, I think it will interest everyone," details Garcia.

"Many of series that talk about women are periodical because it is a good excuse to analyze our role in past and make a point. When you try to tell something closer re is not so much perspective, "Freire says. Fiction will also be set in historical female characters such as Marie Curie and speak of universal suffrage, at that time unthinkable in Spain. "These women represent intellectual elite of time, my character, for example, is a mor, has a husband who supports her and at same time has a career," Freire adds. Ana Wagener plays most veteran teacher, "guardian of traditional values," explains actress. "There are many partners around age of 50 who do not stop working and hopefully we can see more and more records. Why not see a woman of 50 who lives a love story? What's happening now is going to have a repercussion, "he says. Last Thursday filming of series was stopped as a result of feminist strike.

"The Javis" is not going to end because it is not a boom "

While taking photos in presentation of filming, Macarena Garcia Canturreaba song that will represent this year to Eurovision, which will play two contestants OT. His bror and sister-in-law, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, have been two star professors of this edition. The journalists asked actress if she is not afraid that this good star is chasing her as much as her whole environment. "I don't even consider it. I am very happy because I have work and luck of being able to choose, so I think I'm doing a long-term career. And Javis do not think it will end because I do not see it as a boom, I'm close to m, I can tell you have not shown a 10% of what y are capable. " They will begin recording new season of Paquita Salas, webseries that joined Netflix last year. "In principle I am not, by Paquita Salas better than you ask m!" actress jokes. In a month, Garcia will make a stop in filming of series to go to Uruguay to shoot a movie.

The idea of or gaze was born from creators of physics or chemistry. Josep Cistercian, of producer Boomerang, tells that y sought to address subject of education from anor point of view, and when deepened more in character of Maria de Maeztu (director of one of schools of young ladies liberal and feminist most important principles Of twentieth century), decided that that was what y wanted to tell. Cistercian stresses that re is no opportunism in proposal: "This has been more than a year and a half. If you have coincided in time filming with everything that is happening, great. " It also defends fact that producers and most of directors are men (re are two female screenwriters): "I do not think that being a man discredits to tell stories of women. This series is titled so because this fiction is not about what happens to a woman in relation to a man, but his ideas are epicenter of everything. "


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