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Picasso stars in autumn at Mapfre Foundation

The expository proposal will be dedicated to the Mediterranean as an inspiration for artists, the painter from Malaga in dialogue with Picabia and Humberto Rivas, an undervalued photographer

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Picasso stars in autumn at Mapfre Foundation

In autumn Mediterranean will arrive in Madrid. Artists such as Sorolla, Ignacio Pinazo, Anglada Camarasa, Monet, Cézanne, Matisse, Giorgio de Chirico or Picasso will take you. Its light, colors and works will disembark with rediscovering Mediterranean to exhibition halls of Fundación Mapfre from October 10th. An ambitious show that brings toger more than 140 pieces of some 70 borrowers on this sea that has served as a nexus between peoples that unite and separate. Both history of French art and Spanish would lack one of his signs of identity without him. The same could be said of an artist like Picasso.

This exhibition is registered in framework of Picasso-Mediterranean, an initiative that since April last year (and until 2019) explores links of this artist and sea that bas city that saw him born. The Mapfre Foundation is one of 60 institutions that participate in this program and not only with Mediterranean exhibition, also with Picasso-Picabia, which can be seen in Barcelona from October 13th. Through 150 pieces (painting, graphic arts, letters, magazines and photographs) will establish a dialogue between se two fundamental artists of twentieth century. The exhibition is organized with Granet Museum of Aix-en-Provence where it is currently located.

' Maria ', 1978. Photo by Humberto Rivas. © file association Humberto Rivas

The photographic bet could not be missed in Madrid street of Bárbara of Braganza (from September 20 until January 6 of next year), a retrospective on Humberto Rivas, an Argentinean photographer, not very well-known and "unjustly valued, although good Represented in our collections ", according to Pablo Jiménez engraver, director of culture of Fundación Mapfre. Rivas lived in Barcelona from 1976 until his death in 2009, where he built some images that transpire sensibility and show his way of understanding reality. He was creator of a new way of documenting and presenting imprint of time through a sober style.

Jiménez buries, in addition, advanced important appointments for 2019. Following photograph he announced a sample of Berenice Abbott, an artist who participates in avant-garde circles and claims his figure in art as an active subject, not as a passive object. And Great exhibition that can be seen from February in Madrid halls of Paseo de Recoletos on Russian avant-gardes. "One of most ambitious projects we have done," says director, with masterpieces of first order from Chagall to Malevich. You can only see in Madrid because of complexity of paintings that have made Russian museums lend m.

An autumnal celebration of art, which as said on Thursday Jiménez buries with respect to exhibition dedicated to rediscover Mediterranean, is a celebration, conveys joy.


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