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Police officers and their companions, "angry" show in Paris

Nearly a year after the outbreak of a mobilization unprecedented in the police, they were several hundred demonstrating in Paris and in several major cities.

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Police officers and their companions,
Hundreds of police officers and ir partners have expressed, Saturday 16 September, in Paris and in several major cities to express ir "anger" over ir working conditions, nearly a year after outbreak of a mobilization unprecedented in police.

Women police officers lead procession, about 200 people paraded in early afternoon in capital, in Invalides district of paris, behind a banner " Citizens ! rejected your police dies ". A mannequin representing a police officer was standing on a car, a target placed in back, and protesters chanting slogans such as " Enough, enough police burned ! ".

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Born after attack with Molotov cocktails to policemen severely wounded on 8 October 2016 to Viry-Châtillon (Essonne), sling among police officers had lasted several weeks, with events on night across France. Organized through social networks, and without unions, it was unprecedented in its scope. It is a warning about "our working conditions with vehicles out of age, cumbersome procedural..." explained Tom, vice-president of national Union of police officers, independent (UPNI), one of three associations that have called for a protest.

" We'll go to end "

The UPNI account to send next week to minister of interior, Gérard Collomb, a "magazine" a compilation of photos gared within framework of a competition launched this summer to denounce dilapidated state of ir equipment. "The office of Coulommiers [Seine-et-Marne] has "won", " vice-president of UPNI.

or demonstrations took place in France, such as Strasbourg and Lyon. In Marseille, sixty people, police officers and ir wives, gared to 13 hours. "All world do not hate forces of law and order. We are love, and we will go until end, " said Isabelle, wife of a police officer in marseille and spokesperson for regional of federation of Women of forces of order and angry.

in Face of social movement of fall of 2016, previous government had disbursed 250 million euros to improve equipment of police, and passed a law relaxing rules on self-defence.


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