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Praise of the Grandmothers

Ana Penyas honors post-war women in her first comic book and publishes an album about the transition

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Praise of the Grandmothers

Maruja has been recognized in that woman with glasses and reddish robe that fights more than fifteen minutes with armchair, unable to get up. Little more. The Parkinson doesn't let her go any farr. It is identified but does not understand that her granddaughter, Ana Penyas (Valencia, 1987), has become costar of comic we are all well (Salamandra Graphic), a tribute to her grandmors in particular and post-war women in general with which won prize International graphic novel FNAC-Salamandra graphic in 2016 and just published. A tribute in every rule to women who have survived, some better stops than ors, to a time of silence. "The best thing that has happened to me in life is to drive," says Herminia, maternal grandmor, in a work that is distinguished by its original staging.

Penyas sometimes uses photographic transfers and most conventional pencil drawing in ors. It gives despised domestic objects pedestal of blank page: The pot of lentils, needle threaded, apron, basket of laundry, things around which y have turned each one of days of ir grandmors. Herminia García López (Quintanar del Rey, 1930) is cheerful and Maruja Pascual Herranz (Madrid, 1932), Bitter. One comes from a family with cultural interests and anor from a miserable marriage. Two prototypes of a time of camphor and obedience that already left. Two women of so many, well surpassed eighty, who consecrated existence to take forward ir life and that of irs as an obligation that could not be questioned, as a basic premise that included forgetfulness of mselves.

The cartoon was born when Ana Penyas was about to finish fine arts in Valencia. A professor asked to make a four-page comic strip. Penyas had never done a comic book before. "He invited us to narrate an anecdote of our life." On return of a visit to my grandmor Maruja, who started with Parkinson, came very sensitized and I came up with story. He later enriched project with incorporation of biographic pieces of Herminia with what he completed a fanzine. And finally, pushed by an editor who would later be disinterested, began to widen ' project, which would end up presenting contest in 2016.

Penyas is an illustrator of strong commitment, both with feminism and historical memory. A few months ago it published Mexique (Books of Red Fox), on 456 Republican children who embarked in Bordeaux towards Mexico in 1937. And se days he just went out into street in Transition (Barlin books), an illustrated album that collects fragments of a time now in question.

In this look back, Ana Penyas gives voice to ors who have lived dumbfounded: "Doing anor project of historical memory, we were impressed by fear and silence that older people have." My grandmors are from that generation. They can not narrate mselves. "I think you're starting to do a rescue exercise."

Page of album ' En Transition ', by Ana Penyas.


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