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Presidential readings

Meow ' De Galdós, the memoirs of Varoufakis, Sexual politics ', of Kete Millet, ' The Black Europe ', of Mazower... Philosophers, historians, writers and filmmakers advise Pedro Sánchez

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Presidential readings
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  • Pedro Sánchez: "I am a classical reader, of Shakespeare and Lope"
  • All President Macron's books

There are politicians like Emmanuel Macron who were philosophers before coming to power. Ors, like George W. Bush, were not readers but had house full of books thanks to his wife, a prestigious librarian. In Spain, Mariano Rajoy is gloried to read, basically, a sports diary and new president of government, Pedro Sanchez, passes an intermediate path between all se points. Reader of Black novel to relax, when asked by his literary hobbies Sanchez quotes classics like Shakespeare or Lope de Vega. The country brings toger a heterogeneous group of thinkers, artists, writers, historians and philosophers to propose various readings in many or areas.

Marta Sanz (writer). "Meow, by Benito Pérez Galdós (Alliance), because it tells importance of Mesocracia and is already announced destruction of middle class and existence of cessation. This is a spectacular moment because if re is a priority of this Government is to fight against great gap of inequality that suffers this country. "

Fernando Vater (philosopher and writer). "About freedom, by John Stuart Mill. Because it is brief, intelligent and can be as useful to Social Democrats as to Liberals, as long as it is read complete and not taking only each what is appropriate to its prejudices. If you still have time you can complement that essential reading with anor book also brief from same thinker, titled Utilitarianism.

Alicia H. Polisho (philosopher). "I would recommend you to read a classic of feminism: Sexual Policy, by Kate Millett (chair). It lays foundations for feminist analysis of contemporary society and offers an exciting account of women's progress and how y were tried to prevent m in twentieth-century politics. "

Javier Gomá (philosopher). "Two books of Machiavelli. First of all, Prince. Sanchez frequently invokes concept of exemplary and this Treaty will find no trace of it. And secondly, his speeches, his work less Machiavellian, of deep Republican breath, that puts in center to citizen, proud possessor of rights, and that extols virtue of political participation ".

Berta Vias Mahou (writer). "The Man Without attributes, Robert Musil (Seix barral) because it is a book that shows a man thinking and doing it at a very high level from philosophical and even scientific point of view. And because it is a book that expands our chances of facing world and life. "

I recommend meow, because it tells importance of Mesocracia and is already announced destruction of middle class

Marta Sanz

Joaquín Estefanía (journalist). "Although he has appointed at least two ministers who know European Union very well, I would recommend memoirs of Yanis Varoufakis behave like adults. My battle against European Establishment ´ (Deusto) so that it does not fall into bear traps that are sometimes sown in territory of old continent. When Varoufakis found m, he was no longer on time. "

Elvira Sastre (poet). "I choose one of African poet Warsn Shire, Teaching my mor how to give birth (2011, North American Edition). She's young, she's a woman and she's successful, but that's not what matters, at all. What is really important is message of his poetry: he speaks of feminist struggle, integrity of women, recounts crudely cases of rape and exposes social injustice to which we are all exposed.

Julián Casanova (historian). "By Mark Mazower Black Europe (Barlin), a basic book, and Rule The world, (Barlin)" History from 1815 to present day, of how nations were forged into empires to rule world. Because a ruler of 21st century Europe must know what happened on continent in twentieth, because of echoes that are coming today, as with nationalism or emigration, and remember what politicians did n. And of Ian Kershaw, descent to Hells (critic), "that would go in same line but between 1914 and 1945".

Susana Pérez-Soler (journalist and researcher). "Communication and power of Manuel Castells (Alliance). The book explains how power relations are built in Red Society. In se times of spectacularization of politics and in which nothing is trending topic if it does not generate controversy, it is a reference book to understand media sphere and transformations that it has suffered as a result of Internet's emergence.

Francisco Rico (philologist and academician of RAE). "On anor occasion I have obviously recommended Quixote, where everything is, including reality of Catalonia. Now I suggest you to browse constitutionalists and liberals of Spanish Golden Age, in particular Far Vitoria and Francisco Suárez. "

Isabel Burdiel (historian). "Postwar, a history of Europe since 1945, Tony Judt (Taurus) and transition, of Santos Juliá (Taurus). I have chosen m because y analyze world we come from, crossroads and solutions that have given rise to what today begins to falter and raises New Horizons, new Crossroads and new solutions. Both books speak of pacts, ruptures and difficult decisions. "

Darío Villanueva (Director of RAE): Spain invertebrate, by José Ortega y Gasset, because "almost one hundred years after its publication, it continues to clarify our so-called territorial problem". The politician, of Baltasar Gracián. "It is a record of discretion for ruler, without Machiavelli's (brilliant) cynicism." And of Rubén Darío, poetry Song of Life and Hope, "which speaks of poet, but also of Spain seen from America. Would Rubén Darío write an ode to Trump today? "

Almodóvar, Coixet and Mataboschaconsejan what to see and hear

Gregorio Belinchón/Ferran Bono

Joan Matabosch, artistic director of Teatro Real, would recommend to new president "and any politician of any party", Tetralogy Wagnerian, whose prologue, Gold of Rhine, is part of next season of Royal Theatre. "It is an extraordinary metaphor of today's society: unscrupulous politicians whose sole objective is power causes an ecological catastrophe that ends up becoming a moral catastrophe. The work is explained by Wagner through Germanic mythology, but current resonances are increasingly disturbing. "

Filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar recommends that Pedro Sanchez see Invisible Thread, by Paul Thomas Anderson. "It has much to do with neurosis of power. So I would see how important it is to have someone like sister of protagonist — in case of Sanchez, it would be government — to understand him and that in end selfishness and excess of power over people around you are worst for a creator , The Dressmaker, or an executor, president. "

Filmmaker Isabel Coixet prefers to see a film of his, bookstore, last winner of Goya. "It speaks of people of people, and it reflects well consequences that in a microcosm are given when someone does what it has to do against everything and against all."

Josep Pons, director of Liceu Orchestra, advises dialogues on Mozart. Reflections on Musical activity (Cliff), of Nikolaus Harnoncourt. "There is no need to be taught about Mozart, but through this book re is a reflection on role of art and music in society, of art as only way to get closer to imagination in a world reduced to Yes and No."


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