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dick Wolf, television franchise maker

The screenwriter and producer is behind the brands ' law and Order ' and ' Chicago ' and their derivatives

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dick Wolf, television franchise maker

dick Wolf (New York, 1946) refused television but started working on it for money. "I had been a screenwriter for eight years and had already made four films and when my agent told me about television I didn't understand why I had to, I refused. But he said I'd be paid about 6,000, 000 a week as a salary plus what I got paid for my scripts. My wife was listening to conversation and picked up phone and said, ' She'll be re on Monday. ' Wolf recalled thus in an interview in June during Festival of television of Montecarlo with a small group of media, among m country, how it became screenwriter of Sad song of Hill Street in 1985, of which it departed in 1986 heading to corruption in Miami , where he was also a scriptwriter. Since n, Wolf has been responsible for some of most iconic series of American television.

' Law and Order: Special Victims ' unit.

He is one of best known and respected creators in middle. His is franchise Law and order, which was born in 1990 and, with several sequels, is still alive thanks to Special Victims Unit, focused on sexual crimes cases and is about to turn 20 years on antenna. Also his are Chicago: Fire, P.D., Med and Justice, focused on firefighters, police, doctors and lawyers in that city. Behind m, a formula based on groups of characters dedicated to a profession and plots with a different case by chapter, so that if a spectator loses an episode, it is easy to reattach to story in next. It ensures that success of a series depends on many factors, but that base is always in script.

Although Chicago Justice was cancelled last year and Fire ended three years ago, in season to begin in September will have on Antena Chicago P.D. (in Spain, in Calle 13), Chicago Med (TNT), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Calle 13) and debutant FBI ( Still without chain announced in Spain), which describes as "larger than or series, because y handle larger cases".

It draws attention to fascination of this New Yorker by city of Chicago, which gives name to one of its franchises. "I had no personal connection with Chicago before, actually. Basically, it is city of country that most resembles new York in terms of skyscrapers, large buildings, its streets... ".

' Chicago P.D. '.

Although his signature is behind many series, his involvement in each of m is different. "I dedicate more attention to younger series, evidently. In case of law and order: Special Victims ' unit, I just read scripts and ready. The showrunner, Michael Chernuchin, has been working with me since first season of law and order so... Most of equipment, infrastructure, has been almost 20 years, everyone knows and everyone has same idea of what series should be. "

In a television world in which large American open chains seem to be losing ground in favor of cable and online platforms, Wolf continues to produce for NBC or CBS. The screenwriter and producer defends weekly issue of chapters. "Besides, I don't understand algorithms. And in cable, each season has eight chapters, for example, compared to 21 or 22 of networks, and you have about 40 series in cable versus more than 140 networks, so as a screenwriter where I want to be is where re is more work.

Apart from politics

While many series have been entering, in one way or anor, on political issues, especially since Trump's arrival in presidency of United States, dick Wolf defends independence in that sense of his creations. He doesn't even answer questions about politics. "I don't like getting involved in politics. There's an overdose of political stories on television. It is not necessary to put political stories in series, if you choose to stay on sidelines you can be apolitical. " Nor should this type of issue be expected in its new series, FBI, from which it confesses that it had to send to rewrite script of pilot up to five occasions before giving with correct tone. "Until a couple of years ago, FBI was not involved in politics, and this is not going to be a political story."

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