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Pulitzer Awards research on sexual harassment and Trump's Russian plot

The main award lies in ' The new York Times ' and ' The new Yorker ' for uncovering the abuses of Harvey Weinstein, the origin of the Movement MeToo

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Pulitzer Awards research on sexual harassment and Trump's Russian plot

The Pulitzer Awards this year courageous and profound investigative journalism that has uncovered cases of sexual harassment of personalities and web of connections between environment of Donald Trump and Russian interference in presidential elections of 2016. The most prestigious awards of American journalism, announced on Monday at Columbia University, Encumbraron crusade against secrets of power at a time when press is subject of a war declared by White House.

Congratulations to @nytimes, @mega2e, @jodikantor, @NewYorker and @RonanFarrow! metoo Pulitzer

— The Pulitzer Prizes (@PulitzerPrizes) April 16, 2018

The new York Times newspaper and new Yorker won Pulitzer public service, most important category, to reveal, in an "explosive and shocking", years of sexual abuse of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, which assumed emergence Of Global movement MeToo (I too) against culture of excesses by powerful men in many sectors of society.

The revelations have squandered Weinstein's career, which suffers allegations of harassment of multiple women. He denies having sexual contacts without consent. His producer has filed for bankruptcy and accusations have placed Hollywood in an uncomfortable mirror over decades of tolerance for abuses. Like a domino, or stars have fallen from politics, television and cinema after Weinstein case gave many women courage to report being abused.

Anor sex-med revelation also earned Washington Post Pulitzer of investigative journalism to uncover "tirelessly" harassment of minors in 1970s by Roy Moore, a Republican candidate for Alabama senator. The journalistic information unleashed an earthquake that ended costing last December election to Moore in a state that Republicans had not lost in 25 years. Moore vehemently denied allegations and accused Post of lying. President Trump supported candidate and minimizeded allegations of sexual abuse, as he has done on score of accusations against himself and or similar cases.

Trump is indirect protagonist of or awards. The national journalism category fell in New York Times and Washington Post for its "coverage in public interest of nation" that has helped "understand" Russian strategy of meddling in 2016 elections, which aimed to help Trump to be pres Idente. The jury also highlighted efforts of both newspapers to reveal contacts of people relevant to Trump's environment with Russian personalities. News reports on Russian plot have brought several members of government against ropes and are key to investigation of a special prosecutor to Moscow interference.

Anor award, explanatory journalism, was for a video, audio and text project of newspapers Arizona Republic and USA today about logistical difficulties of Trump's promise to build a border wall with Mexico. On or hand, International Journalism Award relapsed to Reuters agency for its coverage of Philippine government's brutal drug war. The agency also won a photo award for Rohingya crisis in Myanmar.

As for non-journalistic awards, one of surprises was that rapper Kendrick Lamar won music Award for his album damn, which jury highlighted how it captures complexity of life of black population in America. It is first time that a singer of classical music or jazz does not take prize. In literary Awards, Andrew Sean Greer won fiction for his book Less and James Forman Jr non-fiction by locking Up Our Own: Crime and Punishment in Black America. Martyra Majok took ater for work Cost of Living.


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