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It is not gold that glitters beneath the reservoirs, as the present drought is in charge of reshowing us

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"For me and my family — and I think for all people who worked with me — years of Porma were decisive." I daresay it was in Porma where I completed my training as an engineer, where I acquired a way of exercising profession that is acquired once and for all, and that, irrespective of past and future knowledge, will hardly be modified anymore, where, to fill The winter nights of that extremely solitary place, I wrote for umpteenth and definitive time a novel — you will return to region — that in good measure came to suppose some literary maturity, or at least an approach to hobby that had hirto only "Practiced at times lost and well lost ...".

(Juan Benet, Civil Prosas, 1994).

Coincide in time 50 º anniversary of publication of you will return to region, emblematic novel by Juan Benet with which he founded his mythical territory, region, in style of Yoknapatawpha, of William Faulkner, or Holy Mary, of Onetti, and of closure of dam of EM The ferry he built while writing it in mountains of river Porma, in León, and that flooded, among ors, town in which I was born. Two anniversaries, n, that are complemented and that foundation Antonino and Cinia of cherries of county, cultural company that created previous President of Mexican model group, manufacturer of Corona beer (Coronita for Spaniards), in its native village, that It is downstream of same river Porma, it has used to reflect from many angles (literary, technical, artistic, social, environmental ...) on hydraulic policies and its impact on territory. The program, which will fill several months, opens today, Saturday, at headquarters of Foundation, a spectacular building of architect Alejandro Zaera in a small town of only 50 neighbors, with an exhibition on Juan Benet, in some ways culprit of all that will be treated .

The guilty thing is a figuration, of course. Juan Benet with his novel, but also with his participation in work that, apart from condemning peoples of valley of Vegamián to disappear, transformed into irrigated part of province Leonesa, gives material for a polyhedral reflection of hydraulic policies and of Its positive and negative effects on territories. Because it is not gold everything that glitters under reservoirs, as present drought is responsible for reshowing us in length and breadth of Spanish geography. I remember in an interview I did for TVE many years ago to ask Benet if as a writer what he did was to resurrect in evenings what he destroyed as an engineer and his gaze of bewilderment, little imaginable in him. What I do not remember is what was your answer, but archives of TVE will walk.

50 years are a good apology to re-read a novel that is already a history of Spanish literature and a writer today Semiforgotten despite its lexical size, but also to revise some actions surely necessary, but whose impact has been devastating For many people. We need water, no one denies it, but not at any price and no matter how or what for. Of all this will be spoken from today in a small Leonese village whose condition of cradle of a family of Indians enriched on or side of Atlantic has granted him luck of hosting a model foundation, whose objective is to dignify rural world through cul Which is something that we never talk about when referring to this.


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