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Reina Sofía and the Lafuente Archive resurrect their association in Santander

The museum, the entrepreneur, the Ministry and the city Council sign the agreement to open an associated center in the former Bank of Spain, which will cost 10 million euros

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Reina Sofía and the Lafuente Archive resurrect their association in Santander
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The first physical exit of Reina Sofía National Museum outside of Madrid already has its formula. It will not be a subsite or a franchise, but a center associated with Lafuente file to be installed in Santander, in former headquarters of Bank of Spain, once rehabilitated building of noble plant today in disuse. The collaboration agreement between parties will be signed this Wednesday and purpose is to launch definitively a project that should open its doors in 2021, according to forecasts, after several years of delays. The association will be called Reina Sofía Museum-Lafuente Archive and exhibit works, but above all documents, from European avant-gardes of early twentieth century to 1980s.

The landing in Cantabrian city of museum will be close to sea front where loot center anchors, and where will look future Museum of Banco de Santander. And it is due to confluence of interests between its subject of study, conservation and Exhibition and private collection that has been brought toger by businessman José María Lafuente since beginning of 21st century.

The director of Reina Sofia, Manuel Borja-Villel, explains importance of funds: "Archives in modern and contemporary art are fundamental because y contextualize and explain historical moments through documents. A part of that art has to do with scores, books, textual dimension, like Dadaism, futurism, concrete poetry... Jose Maria had intelligence to collect when his price was still accessible. It has very important funds from authors such as Ulises Carrión, Sol LeWitt, Fernando Millán, José Luis Castillejo, from historical avant-gardes... ". The value of collection, which includes paintings, drawings, graphic work, photographs, books, magazines or letters, exceeds 15 million euros.

Lafuente adds that perhaps greatest singularity of his collection "is all that is in Latin America, because at that time, it was not important and we draw a collection plan. In future it will constitute greatest international singularity. " The collector and businessman remembers that two years ago it reached an agreement with Queen under which "it can dispose of whole file with preferential character", while also developing independent projects. In addition, "The Queen has an exclusive purchase option in 10 years."

Enlarge photo ' Collage ', by Kirill Mikhailovich. Permanent exhibition LAFUENTE file

The associated centre will be led by Reina Sofía and will showcase works from both museum and Lafuente archive. The purpose is to organize a permanent exhibition that will be changed every year and a half or two years, in addition to a temporary sample a year. Documentation will also be available for research and training activities will be provided. Today, only researchers can access collection in a conditioned space in one of factories of industrial in Cantabria, although funds Itineran frequently in various exhibitions (like current one of Russian photography in Circle of Fine Arts).

"The idea is to consolidate a relationship and create an institution of a public character over time. The union between archive and Queen has a willingness to stay and continuity, "says Borja-Villel. "The Queen is not opening a franchise or a seat in Santander, but goes to meeting with a file that is in Santander. The franchise goes in one direction, it has some neocolonial. An associate center goes in both directions in an equal relationship. "

The project began to be forged with Santander José María Lassalle as secretary of State for Culture, and Íñigo de la Serna (also of PP) in mayor's office. Today, mayor of Santander (PP), Gema Igual, says city council "has long been putting all meat on grill, jumping many obstacles, especially when government of Cantabria was taken off. He was already yourself on track with former minister but current [Joseph Guirao] has been very sensitive. " The municipality costs 10 million euros of rehabilitation and adequacy of Bank of Spain, as well as maintenance. It does not close doors to a subsequent incorporation to project of autonomic executive, presided by regionalist Miguel Ángel Revilla, who governs with support of PSOE.

Guirao emphasizes that agreement is a "joy" for its department, for Santander and Spain, because Lafuente "is one of largest international archives in private hands and, in addition to Queen, will form one of first documentary archives Within modern and contemporary art world. " In addition, " archive risked in quotes from going to an international institution given its interest and we have to thank you stay in Santander."

A new Art triangle

The opening of associated centre Reina Sofía Museum-file Lafuente, predictably in 2021 or 2022, will create a new triangle of art in Spain, in this case facing sea. A few meters from former headquarters of Bank of Spain is located loot Center, Renzo Piano, and a few meters back, in Paseo de Pereda, current headquarters of Banco de Santander will become House Museum of Banco de Santander , after intervention valued at 40 million of euros by architect David Chipperfield.

The Collector José María Lafuente has an impact on importance of decentralizing poles of art attraction in Spain. This bet, coupled with possible extension of Museum of Modern and contemporary art of Santander and Cantabria, will reinforce Bilbao-Santander axis as a cultural destination. With 173,000 inhabitants, city has a consolidated offer that includes Menéndez Pelayo International University, an international music festival and a good network of bookstores and art galleries.

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