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Relocation of migrants : France lagging behind

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Relocation of migrants : France lagging behind

The european Commission has ranked France in group of countries that " should urgently expedite transfers."

Monday, 11 September, High Commissioner for refugees has asked european countries to engage in 2017 to reinstall 40,000 Africans en route to Europe. Yet leader on initiatives regarding Libya, France has still not decided how many migrants would come from Chad and Niger. Also, if plan migrants announced on 12 July by prime minister provided for appointment of a ministerial representative for refugees, in charge of ensuring se relocations in France, nobody has been appointed yet. With regard to commitments made under previous administration, y don't seem to worry about executive, n y are far from being honoured.Welcome to dropper

Next relocation, 2 700 people, mostly syrian women, have benefited from a one-way trip to France. It is mostly of Syrians settled in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The fact remains that, aside from se "lucky" several thousand ors, had already been "selected" by French Office for protection of refugees and stateless persons (Ofpra), are still waiting for a visa issued by France to come. For assistance to countries of first arrival, France had pledged to resettle 30,000 migrants before end of 2017 ; only 4 278 are already arrived from Italy (330) and Greece (3 948). In Face of balance sheet, european Commission ranks France in group of countries that " should urgently expedite transfers ", in its 15th report on relocation and resettlement, issued on 6 September.

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In total, 27 695 people have been relocated to this day in Europe, on 160,000 expected. Several States, such as Malta or Latvia, have already filled ir quota for Greece, followed by Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Sweden. Malta and Finland have also almost relocated total number of people who had been assigned since Italy, while France is less than 5 % of arrivals expected from this country (where it returns willingly to those who have left footprints).

This welcome to dropper questioned president's commitment to honor agreements made by its predecessor, but also on opening of an access road in France from Chad or Libya, announced in July. "If refugees selected in Africa have to wait as long to arrive in France that Syrians of Greece, y will continue to be put in hands of smugglers and cross Mediterranean ", is concerned about a high-ranking official yet in favour of idea of Emmanuel Macron to go and seek refugee in Africa.


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