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Resigns a guru of contemporary art in the United States accused of sexual abuse

Knight Landesman, co-editor of Artforum magazine, denounced by eight women. Publication staff point out their unacceptable behavior

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Resigns a guru of contemporary art in the United States accused of sexual abuse
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The co-editor of New York magazine Artforum, Knight Landesman, 67, resigned yesterday, Wednesday, after being denounced for alleged sexual harassment at least eight women. Landesman took 35 years to front and is considered one of gurus of contemporary art in United States. The or three editors of publication have been informed by ir staff that Landesman "had fallen into unacceptable behavior and provoked a hostile working environment." However, y have rejected Artforum being complicit or guilty of ir behavior.

This announcement arrives one day after daily News newspaper's website reported that Amanda Schmitt, an unemployed Artforum, had filed a lawsuit against Landesman and magazine itself. Schmitt points out in his accusation that editor began to harass her when she went to work at Artforum as a distribution assistant in 2009, when she was 21 years old. In addition, it points out that Landesman followed her after it left employment, in 2012. In same lawsuit, seven or women also denounced that y had been harassed by Landesman.

The management of journal has acknowledged that it requested Landesman to go to rapy after an employee denounced him for harassment last year. However, coeditor denied accusations against him.

The ors responsible for publication have assured that new accusations are "very serious" and that y will take advantage of this situation to "strengn" ir guidelines. In this regard, y have raised creation of a women's working group within journal to demonstrate transformation of workspace into Artforum.

The incriminations against Landesman add to surge of sexual harassment allegations that have followed sexual scandal of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whom more than 50 women have denounced for allegedly harassing and even raped in Last 30 years.


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