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Risto Mejide gets scared

From the turn of Chester concludes that Risto is from the good interviewers

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Risto Mejide gets scared

For any televised interviewer around here it must be a chore to have on head pendulum of Iñaki Gabilondo, more than a reference a stigma in very difficult journalistic genre of you, where so many make ridiculous day Yes and day too. But taking away irreparable evidence that in those conflicts Gabilondo is God or it seems to him quantity, it is necessary to conclude that Risto Mejide is of good ones, even of very good ones.

Chester's back in four, and no filter, which is to be thankful for. The fierce executioner of Triunfitos reconverted into a corkscrew of confessions, tears and more or less exclusive revelations placed word fear as Leit Motiv of his return on Sunday night in four. Fear was what he put in those poor devils who tried to make cooing in search of a musical career, so he knows enough.

But more knows Antonio Pampliega, a guy who cries before camera as Nureyev flew in air, with a mixture of poetry and balls. Al Qaeda kidnapped him in Syria and, of 299 days that lasted his captivity, this journalist spent 204 alone in a room waiting for him to Degollaran. "Every day during all those months I was preparing to die." That's scary. And to think about what your mor is thinking, I'm out of a child, for example. That's also scary. For more inri, we are faced with a man with a sense of guilt. "I'm sorry," says hero Pampliega to his sister Alejandra, who visits set.

Also that faceless Lord capable of blocking bodies and minds must have taken hand of Maria Teresa Campos on way to Jiménez Díaz when a cerebral ischemia entered without knocking on door. It was saved and looks great, but re is no reverse: "That fear leaves you already touched". The fields, also with tears looming, reveals to Risto how she had already self diagnosed in advance: "Then re were too many things that hurt me and I said: It will give you something in head", and gave it.

Risto Mejide achieves, it is not well known how, that one of two Queens of morning ( or is Ana Rosa Quintana and, seen as seen on Sunday, under polite mutual carantoña underlies buried battles between two ladies) talk about suicide of her husband , José María Borrego, in 1984. The man had been with that idea in his head for years, "almost from beginning," guest confesses.

But re's also room for joke. Maria Teresa Campos tells that night when she shared a porrete with Joaquín Sabina during an interview. "Are you telling Me that you were smoked during interview?", fierce wolf is not so fierce. "But it was for work," laughed guest.

Risto Mejide is made quite actor during interviews in his armchair Chester, this goes with character, a mark in itself, do not forget that it comes from publicity. But let him speak with intelligence and good sense. Risto Mejide, who speaks little, people tell him things. And that's what counts.


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