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Roberto Leal, the other winner of ' Operation Triunfo '

My naturalness is the path I have sought, says the presenter, TVE's big bet as a recognizable face of the chain

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Roberto Leal, the other winner of ' Operation Triunfo '

Amaia Romero won last Monday latest edition of Operation Triunfo. A victory that has also meant a boost to Spanish television, eager to recover young public. But contest has left anor triumph, that of its presenter, Roberto Leal (Alcalá de Guadaira, 1979). And it's no coincidence. TVE takes time preparing way for this journalist, one of most recognizable faces of Spain direct and also habitual presence since 2014 in Christmas coverage of chain. Leal has been through Christmas lottery, telepasion and Cavalcade of kings ever since. And before coming to OT, he also had a little test as a presenter last summer in romantic Hotel.

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Leal, who has also represented a public mirror (2011-2014) in Antena 3, had said in public more than once that he wanted to put himself in front of an entertainment program and do something different from his role as a reporter in Spain direct. "Entertainment, in prime time, and in TVE could not be anything or than OT", tells in telephone conversation with country. Since that first live gala of 23 October last, criticized for bad sound and nerves of contestants, professors and presenter, figure of loyal, as program, was on rise. "We've all gone from less to more. In that Gala zero all were many unknowns and in end what we did was approve, an approved satin, "admits presenter.

"In end, when you get to know people, between kids and we came up with that cool chemistry. I have seen m grow and especially enjoy. " At next gala, Leal broke loose, he danced with guests, David Bustamante and Becky G., and found right way: "My friends and family told me: ' Roberto, at Gala Zero you have been well, you have taken it out, but enjoy it and you have to be just as you are." It's very difficult to get this on TV, but it's a bit way I've been looking. " Leal released his nerves and took freshness that made him popular in Spain direct. His connection to emotional level with young contestants of Operation Triunfo has been anor key to program: "When I was offered to do OT was clear that I was going to involve a lot. First, because I love format, I've seen almost all editions. And when I was re I felt more like a spectator or an almost participant than a presenter. And that in end is what has passed, because I was excited with m, I laughed with m and y helped me a lot, that in end galas are long and you have to keep pace. "

Roberto Leal takes OT contestants to run.

And emotions also have a lot to do with naturalness with which program and its contestants have dealt with issues such as sexual diversity or equality, anor key this year. "TVE, from moment he assumes that OT is going to return and that it is hand of producer Gestmusic, it was clear that when you do a 24 hour channel, exposed to a young audience, you have to go with truth ahead," says Leal.  "Here at no time has he put on a but, at no time has anything been castrated and everything has been standardized and thanks to God that in 21st century diversity of gender, equality between two sexes, which is talked about AIDS or importance of donating blood, is normalize. This work has been done well, it has been shown that se kids are superprepared, y are not ninis, and y do not come here with antojito of wanting to be singers. "

Now, with program finished, Leal admits that although he has connected with all contestants, his favorite has been Roi: "But not because I would have wanted this kid would have won, but it is true that I had a lot of help this guy, and or day I said it was also Contest RA. Many people were surprised at how a presenter had recognized a contestant for help during a gala. When you need a support, you need someone to follow you a bit current, to follow joke or to lift program, I resorted to him. And he has entered all. It is true that it was someone also unpredictable and in end I found a little my personality in contestant, someone who takes life with a sense of humor and comes here to have a good time. "

On se long galas, which end at dawn, Leal adds to view that in Spain prime time starts very late and ends even worse. "The prime time, and I'm not talking about TVE alone, on our TV has to start earlier. The programs at end are long because development of program is long, but I know it is much longer if we are starting at 22.30 or 22.40. The prime time needs a review and it is true that we should all think a little beyond format itself and think of people who are at home, which in end are ones we owe most, "says journalist. OT's final gala ended at 2:00 in morning. "Apart from presenter I am a spectator, I also see programs, my Chain and ors, and when a program goes from midnight to midnight, I say, I can not see this," he tops loyal.

And while in coming months TVE prepares its participation in Eurovision and summons casting for next installment OT, Roberto Leal continues with reporting in Spain Direct: "and to enjoy in cold of lived, because many times when you are in this wheel do not you D As you know what is happening to you, you go on, you throw, but it is now when you think, what pimp everything that has happened to us and what magic re has been this edition, that nobody was expecting it. "

The Best of OT

Roberto Leal has three indelible memories of first edition of Operation Triumph of 2001: "The Zero Gala, which all looked like children and very innocent people. And I remember contrast of image when y went out to sign discs that time and see David Bisbal on a mounted crane, face of surprise to see 10,000 people who went to see m and of course final when he won pink. " Next Tuesday you will be presented with a gala in 1, best moments of edition of 2017, in which all contestants will return to sing songs y highlighted throughout program. Amaia will again make her version of Shake it Out of Florence Machine and song will play that will represent Spain in Eurovision, your song.


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